[1983 Chicago mayoral campaign appearances]

Footage of the 1983 Chicago Mayoral election shot by Bill Stamets for his documentary "Chicago Politics: A Theatre of Power."

0:01Copy video clip URL Color bars.

1:10Copy video clip URL Footage from a rally. Man speaks about why they are protesting Jesse Jackson. They talk to various people about Mayor Jane Byrne. Brief audio from press conference with Byrne. Footage from first Ribfest in the city. Fountain that Byrne commissioned for the city. Audio of Richard M. Daley announcing his intentions to run for mayor. Short clips around the city.

5:48Copy video clip URL Footage of Richard M. Daley speaking on TV explaining his family pride. Audio of Harold Washington talking about the past oppression caused by Richard J. Daley as mayor and his potential as a candidate.

9:50Copy video clip URL Christmas carols. Footage from a Christmas parade downtown. Mayor Byrne makes an appearance.

16:20Copy video clip URL Republican headquarter meeting. Audio from a film. Speeches in support of Washington. Musical performance at a Daley rally. Daley speaks. Woman in a crowd speaks in support of Washington. Washington speaks. Controversy around Edward Vrdolyak. 

32:45Copy video clip URL Musical performance in support of Mayor Byrne.

36:00Copy video clip URL Portrait taken of Washington at City Hall. Jesse Jackson speaking to introduce Washington, who announces his candidacy for the democratic party. 

39:00Copy video clip URL Byrne speaks about the continuation of her campaign. Brief clips of various rallies. A man talks about the role of theater in politics. Audio of musical performance over footage at a baseball game. Brief clips from a Washington rally. Washington speaks.

54:00Copy video clip URL Washington sworn in as Mayor of Chicago. Footage around the city after Washington’s victory. 

57:19Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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