An impressionistic view of the 1968 Democratic National Convention featuring appearances by Abbie Hoffman, Alan Ginsburg, Mayor Richard J. Daley, Hubert Humphrey, and others. This version of the film is distinct from other edits, including the other version in the Media Burn collection. This version also contains several minutes of silent footage shot for the film as well as a short film made on the day of the final game played at Comiskey Park, the home of the Chicago White Sox.

00:25Copy video clip URL Aerial footage of bombs dropping, followed by nighttime images of Chicago, including a wealthy older couple. 

00:54Copy video clip URL Abbie Hoffman delivers a speech about revolution. “Brothers and sisters, the time has come for each and every one of you to decide whether you are gonna be the problem or you are gonna be the solution.” Hoffman’s audio continues over images of crowds and heavily armed police officers.

01:46Copy video clip URL The MC5 play “Ramblin’ Rose.”

02:38Copy video clip URL More aerial bombardment. Audio of the Emergency Broadcasting System plays over footage of people sleeping in Grant Park.  Crowds slowly begin to gather. 

03:41Copy video clip URL Film title appears onscreen over footage of an airplane. “Thus Spake Zarathustra” plays on the soundtrack. Crowds gathering in the park and along Michigan Ave behind police barriers. A woman observes off camera; “I think it’s great. A lot of original ideas here. A lot more thought has gone into this show than in any other show. Better than the New York, Detroit, and LA shows.” 

04:55Copy video clip URL Crowds in Grant Park. Helicopters flying overhead. Chanting. Climbing statues. The police chasing people off. 

05:25Copy video clip URL A montage juxtaposing the police attacking crowds with tear gas, a couple making out on the grass, the police beating protestors, an elderly golfer, a Harold’s Fried Chicken sign, men in suits and hardhats, and other images. The chant “the whole world’s watching” is heard on the soundtrack amidst an audio montage of radio broadcasts. 

07:14Copy video clip URL Marching. Crowds in the park. People at the water.Religious/Biblical imagery juxtaposed with images of protestors. A radio broadcast about the Klu Klux Klan. Someone wears a shirt with a peace sign and “Kick out the jams motherfuckers!” painted on the back.

08:26Copy video clip URL Radio traffic reports play over footage of cars and military vehicles, the city skyline, and Buckingham Fountain.

09:08Copy video clip URL Mayor Richard J. Daley at the airport awaiting the arrival of Hubert Humphrey. Crowds of protestors gathering intercut with Humphrey’s arrival and tear gas in the park. Allen Ginsberg and others speak to the crowd through a speaker mounted on a man’s helmet. Images of ancient ruins. Military marches through the streets. 

12:05Copy video clip URL Humphrey steps off his plane, images of tear gas. 

12:30Copy video clip URL End credits over footage of police confrontations and audio from Richard J. Daley: “Tom Palazzolo. Additional Film: Bob Boldt, Peter Weiner. Musique concrète: Ray Whilding-White.”

13:10Copy video clip URL A hand painted sign reading “Welcome to Chicago USA,” in which the “S” is a swastika. 

13:17Copy video clip URL Silent footage of crowds in the park and in the streets. Arguments within the crowds. Preparations for marching. 

15:27Copy video clip URL Unfurling a sign reading “Veterans and Reservists to End the War in Vietnam.” 

15:46Copy video clip URL Marching through the streets. Crowds gathering. An NBC News truck. Protestors standing directly in front of armed soldiers. 

16:57Copy video clip URL Phil Ochs performs. Crowds in the park and behind barriers on Michigan Ave. Soldiers marching. Tear gas. News camera operators walking down the streets.

17:44Copy video clip URL Nighttime footage. Humphrey speaks to reporters. 

18:19Copy video clip URL Protestors in the park. 

18:42Copy video clip URL A speech. Food being served in the park. Crowds in the park. 

19:08Copy video clip URL Footage of speeches by Allen Ginsberg, Jean Genet, William S. Burroughs, Norman Mailer, Dick Gregory.

20:04Copy video clip URL End of footage. 

20:18Copy video clip URL Footage of crowds, players for the White Sox, and Andy the Clown. The narrator explains that it’s Andy’s last day at Comiskey Park after 30 years. 

20:57Copy video clip URL Narrator explains that “Bill Veeck was no longer managing the Sox” and that, if he had been, “Minnie Miñoso would have gotten to bat, setting a record for batting in four decades.” Images of Miñoso delivering the lineup card before the game. An airplane flies overhead carrying a banner reading “Good Bye Comiskey Park 9/30/90 – We Love You.”

21:38Copy video clip URL A close-up of “Comiskey Park 1910-1990 Homeplate.” 

21:43Copy video clip URL People carrying boxes across the field. Removing fencing. 

22:20Copy video clip URL Montage of still photographs, brief glimpse of footage of the 1990 game, set to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” 

23:40Copy video clip URL Shirtless White Sox fans yell about coming to see the team play as much as they can. “The American dream is to play baseball! And everybody wants to play baseball and the White Sox are part of that! White Sox!” 

24:15Copy video clip URL End credits intercut with footage of clowns: “Edited by Greg Steffen. Original Music by Jim Gaynor. Directed by Tom Palazzolo. Sync Camera, Mark Rance. Sync Sound, Renata Breth. Stills, Maurice Dickenson, Andrea Brazzi. Studio Musicians, Steve ‘The Harp,’ Harry Mura, Joey Werner. Wild Camera & Wild Sound, Tom Palazzolo. Special Thanks to Chris Palese & Mark Johnson at CinemaVideo Center and Tony Perez. Special Thanks to Bill Stamets, Cary Stauffacher. Funded in part by The Illinois Arts Council, An agency of the state. Copyright 1995, Tom Palazzolo.



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