[Carol Marin 1984-1985 Composite]

Multiple news clips of Carol Marin's work as anchor for Chicago's NBC affiliate Channel 5.



0:03Copy video clip URL Camera opens with a shot of Bismarck building in Chicago. Channel five News anchor Carol Marin explains that Mayor Harold Washington will likely veto legislation giving council power on contracts. 


0:35Copy video clip URL Channel five news title sequence.

0:44Copy video clip URL  Camera focuses on Carol Marin as she explains that the Chicago Cubs can clinch their first pennant since 1945 with a win tonight or a New York Mets loss. 

0:57Copy video clip URL Carol Marin reports that the debate over senator Charles Percy’s income and how much he pays in income tax heated up as he made his first ever release of federal income tax returns. 


1:16Copy video clip URL Marin explains that a victim of a bungled hit attempt is planning to sue the city of East Chicago Heights for at least two and a half million dollars. She introduces Steven Ray to report that the reasoning behind the lawsuit. The alleged hitman was reportedly an East Chicago Heights police officer. 

1:37Copy video clip URL Marin describes the observance of Veterans Day in a Naperville showing of about one hundred people who paid their respects to deceased veterans. 


1:47Copy video clip URL Marin reports that Arco announced that it would be pulling out of the Chicago market. She introduces consumer reporter Erin Moriarty to examine the reasons behind Arco’s decision. 

2:00Copy video clip URL Marin explains that coming up will be John Coleman to explain how his ugly duckling weekend actually turned into a swan.


2:08Copy video clip URL Channel five news title sequence. 

2:09Copy video clip URL Marin explains that Ron Magers will be filling in for an ill Max Robinson. Marin reports that the FBI is charging a twenty-eight-year-old Aurora man with the kidnapping and murder of eight-year-old Melissa Ackerman. She then sends it to Rich Samuels in Plano, Illinois with more details.

02:27Copy video clip URL Marin, responding to Samuels’s report and the FBI’s refusal to comment, asks about the evidence in question for the murder charge.

02:35Copy video clip URL Magers lists the criminal charges under consideration.


2:42Copy video clip URL Channel five news title sequence.

2:49Copy video clip URL Marin reports that Chicago police have released sketches of two individuals suspected of wounding an armored car guard outside of Dominick’s food store on North Sheridan Avenue. 

3:00Copy video clip URL Marin reports that Dupage county authorities are working with a state police psychologist in search for the suspect, or suspects, in the murder of fifteen-year-old Kristy Wesselman.  

3:07Copy video clip URL Marin explains that United airlines reports a ninety one million dollar loss for its second quarter due to a pilot strike that lasted almost a month. Marin then describes that the company believes the wage agreements that ended the strike will yield long-term profits while making them more competitive with other airline carriers. 

3:25Copy video clip URL Marin reports that there is a serious labor dispute in Morris, Illinois that centers on a shopping mall that’s being built with non-union workers. 


03:36Copy video clip URL Marin comments that investigators are trying to solve a mysterious explosion. She asks a correspondent about the status of three individuals taken to Holy Cross Hospital.



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