[Carol Marin World Trade Center Coverage with Dan Rather]

At the CBS News anchor's desk with Dan Rather, Marin reports on personal experience when the World Trade Center North Tower came down.

00:16Copy video clip URL Footage of the wreckage in Lower Manhattan after the collapse of the World Trade Center’s North tower. CBS News anchor Dan Rather introduces Carol Marin at the anchor’s desk, moments after being at the epicenter of the North tower’s collapse, her black suit jacket still dusted with the grey powder of pulverized debris. Marin narrates her harrowing experience during and after the building’s collapse, the firefighter who protected her from the collapsing flames, and a police officer named Brendan Duke who navigated her through the wreckage. Marin describes more scenes of the aftermath, how she eventually made her way to the CBS studios, and the lingering aura of tragedy, its fear and uncertainty.

03:13Copy video clip URL Live footage of the World Trade Center after the collapse of the Twin Towers. Dan Rather reads a quote by Rudy Giuliani, 107th Mayor of New York City.

04:00Copy video clip URL Rather questions Marin if she witnessed any dead bodies at the World Trade Center. Marin responds with what she saw of those injured at Ground Zero and the concern that most of the dead were contained in the wreckage of the buildings.



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