NBC 5 Chicago (WMAQ-TV): Carol Marin’s Last Broadcast, May 1st, 1997

Carol Marin's last broadcast for NBC 5 Chicago (WMAQ-TV) on May 1st, 1997. Marin's resignation, done in protest of the hiring of Jerry Springer as a news commentator, gained national attention.

00:05Copy video clip URL Camera opens on NBC 5 News anchor Carol Marin in a crowded newsroom. Marin informs viewers that while anchor Ron Magers normally delivers closing remarks at this time, she has been given the time for the night as it is her last newscast.  Marin remarks that “the best newsrooms are the ones filled with passion and debate,” and that “this one overflowed on both counts this week.” Marin reflects on her 19 years of work for Channel 5, praising individuals at every level of the operation for their excellency who “made her better,” and singling out Don Moseley and other producers. 

01:14Copy video clip URL Marin holds hands with Ron Magers, thanking him as “a partner, a friend, a co-conspirator, best anchor and co-communicator I have ever known.” 

01:28Copy video clip URL Marin says her “deepest, and most abiding gratitude” goes to her viewers. Marin says: “That’s our news tonight! We thank you for joining us.”

01:50Copy video clip URL Marin embraces Ron Magers as the camera pans over to an applauding news room. Lights cut over the news desk.

02:23Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

02:32Copy video clip URL Tape ends.  



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