CBS 2 Chicago (WBBM-TV): Carol Marin’s Last Broadcast, October 30th, 2000

Carol Marin's last broadcast for CBS 2 Chicago (WBBM-TV) on October 30th, 2000, including coverage of the 2000 US presidential election.

00:07Copy video clip URL CBS 2 Chicago graphic. Camera opens on anchor Carol Marin, who introduces reporter Kyung Lah for a story on a currently developing teacher’s strike in Proviso Township, Illinois. 

00:36Copy video clip URL Footage of Proviso East biology teacher Dave Suter punching holes in picket signs. Suter says: “No, we don’t want to be on strike, we want to be in the classroom…I mean, it was very hard saying goodbye to the students today.” 

00:56Copy video clip URL Footage of schoolchildren leaving school. Lah says students of Proviso East and West don’t know when they will return to school.

01:03Copy video clip URL Proviso East Student Laurice Youngblood says the strike will effect her grades and college applications. A Parent, Linda Walker, says: “I am very worried. I think that it shouldn’t last no more than a day.” Lah says the strike will likely take longer than a day, according to the teachers. 

01:16Copy video clip URL District Superintendent Gregory Jackson discusses percentage of increase for teacher’s salaries, suggesting that their current offer is “more than adequate.” Intercut with footage of schoolchildren leaving the building. 

01:53Copy video clip URL Lah says the teacher’s feel the problem is the starting salary. Suter says: “It is an issue about money, but it’s an issue to make the school competitive…to get good teachers to come and to get good teachers to stay.” 

02:11Copy video clip URL Back in the newsroom, Lah says teacher’s have been working without a salary for a while and have been negotiating. 

02:23Copy video clip URL Graphic titled “Stumbling Blocks” with a list of teacher’s concerns. Lah says the teachers will begin picketing tomorrow and discusses the state of negotiations with Marin. 

02:53Copy video clip URL Marin reports that there is an ongoing teacher’s strike in Hazel Crest, Illinois. Footage of picketers chanting. 

03:07Copy video clip URL Marin reports that former Chicago Police Officer William Hanhardt was caught on tape for the first time after being “accused of being the mastermind” of a jewel theft ring. Footage of Hanhardt leaving the Dirksen Federal Building. Marin says his children posted their house to meet his bond requirement, as his house is wanted by the government. 

03:43Copy video clip URL Marin reports on driver’s licenses being suspended that were issued by a corrupt driving instructor.

04:06Copy video clip URL Marin introduces Political Editor Mike Flannery’s coverage of the final days of the 2000 election. Footage of Vice President Al Gore and Joe Lieberman delivering speeches criticizing George W. Bush, as well as footage of Bush boarding a plane. A “Campaign 2000” graphic with polling data.

05:19Copy video clip URL Flannery reports on two “Chicago-based conservative” analysts who believe “all the important trends are breaking for the Republicans.” RealClearPolitics.Com cofounder John McIntyre says: “We think that on election day, the undeciders [sic] are gonna break for Bush […] it’s just really a matter of how big Bush’s win is.”

05:44Copy video clip URL Footage of Bush and wife Barbara Bush deplaning to applause. Flannery says a sense of “inevitable victory” is what Bush’s campaign has been selling since the Winter. 

05:52Copy video clip URL Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin says Republicans shouldn’t be “overconfident” and predicts the election will be “extremely close.”

05:59Copy video clip URL Back in the newsroom, Flannery says Bush has “secured his own political base” and that during the last week he will campaign in “once safe Al Gore turf.” Marin and Flannery discuss the possibility that Bush’s confidence will motivate Gore supporters. 

06:51Copy video clip URL Marin reports on the North Shore’s 10th Congressional District race, saying Republican Mark Kirk leads Democrat Lauren Beth Gash. Clips from a Gash campaign commercial featuring former Democratic Senator Paul Simon. Footage of Kirk in Northbrook, Illinois, where Marin says he campaigned on filtering internet content from young people

07:24Copy video clip URL Marin reports that the widow of the late Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan, Jean Carnahan, will accept the appointment to the US senate if her husband wins the election posthumously. 

07:44Copy video clip URL Marin teases an upcoming report on a US Supreme Court case regarding trash disposal in the Illinois suburbs. 

08:00Copy video clip URL Commercial break.

10:36Copy video clip URL Marin reports on escalating tensions between Israel and Palestine. Footage of people carried on stretchers in East Jerusalem following a shooting of two Israeli guards. 

11:01Copy video clip URL Marin reports on the “budget showdown” between US President Bill Clinton and Congressional Republicans.

11:22Copy video clip URL Marin reports on an astronaut and two cosmonauts who will fly to the International Space Station from Kazakhstan. 

11:43Copy video clip URL Marin introduces reporter David Kerley’s story on a legal battle over a garbage landfill that’s reached the US Supreme Court. 

12:03Copy video clip URL Footage of wildlife in a pond and a garbage dump in Bartlett, Illinois. Bartlett Mayor Catherine Melchert says they call the area “an environmental gym.” Kerley says that a legal battle at the US Supreme Court is the last chance for Bartlett to stop surrounding North suburban communities from using the area as a landfill. 

12:29Copy video clip URL Regarding the destruction of wildlife habitats by landfills, Bartlett Enviornmental Consultant George Noble says the quantity of wildlife “will be diminished drastically.” 

12:41Copy video clip URL Skokie, Illinois Mayor George Van Dusen says: “We felt it was our responsibility […] to take responsibility for our own garbage.”

12:47Copy video clip URL Footage of Van Dusen walking out of the Skokie Village Hall. Kerley describes how 25 North suburban cities collaborated to designate a place to dump trash sixteen years ago rather than ship it elsewhere.

13:08Copy video clip URL Footage of Kerley walking in a scrap yard and standing in front of an US Army Corps of Engineers sign. Kerley says Bartlett has fought the battle to dump trash in their city for fifteen years, but this final battle is about whether the US Army Corps of Engineers has overstepped its bounds by getting involved.  

12:24Copy video clip URL Van Dusen says: “We believe that the Federal Government has overstepped its bounds, and that this is a purely local land-use decision.”

13:32Copy video clip URL Aerial footage of the Bartlett ponds. Kerley reports that the suburban governments argue the ponds are “seasonal, not navigable waters,” therefore falling outside the jurisdiction of the US Army Corps of Engineers, who denied a permit for the dump site. 

13:45Copy video clip URL Van Dusen says: “The implications are pretty enormous. If the Corps of Engineers prevails in this case, conceivably it will have jurisdiction over every parcel of property in the United States.”

13:58Copy video clip URL Noble says: “Were it not for the US Army Corps, there would be no wetland protection for isolated wetlands anywhere in the United States.” 

14:06Copy video clip URL Kerley says the debate over Federal jurisdiction has frightened environmental groups. Howard Learner of the Environmental Law & Policy Center says they don’t need to “play this sort of high stakes poker” and expresses concern that a split ruling could effect environmental protection laws currently in place. 

14:44Copy video clip URL Back in the news room, Kerley says the suburban cities dismiss the environmental groups concern’s and assert their case is narrow. Kerley and Marin discuss the conflicted feelings of the liberal mayors fighting Bartlett.

15:17Copy video clip URL Marin reports on Illinois Governor George Ryan’s plan for an expanded bike path on Lake Michigan between Fullerton and Belmont. 

15:41Copy video clip URL Marin introduces Laura Washington for some “random political thoughts.” Marin and Washington discuss the resignation of City Treasurer of Chicago Miriam Santos, who Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley will select to replace her as well as skirmishes among Hispanic and Black alderman for providing the replacement.

17:21Copy video clip URL Weather report. 

19:17Copy video clip URL Marin reports that there are only 24 hours left before Buckingham Fountain is turned off for the winter.  

19:40Copy video clip URL Commercial break.

22:26Copy video clip URL Marin introduces Tim Weigel for Sports. Weigel discusses Eddie Payton’s fundraiser for Rocky Clark. Intercut with footage of Payton at the fundraiser discussing Clark as well as the anniversary of Walter Payton’s death. 

25:19Copy video clip URL Weigel reports on a fire that broke out during celebrations in New York City, New York following the Yankee’s World Series Win. Intercut with footage of the victory parade. 

25:41Copy video clip URL Weigel Wieners segment featuring Eddie Payton. Weigel and Marin joke about Weigel’s hair follicle enhancement.

26:17Copy video clip URL Commercial break. 

29:37Copy video clip URL Marin announces she is stepping down as anchor, and thanks the “wonderful professionals” she worked with, saying they care deeply about “doing the news, and doing it well.” Marin thanks the viewers for their correspondence and support.

30:08Copy video clip URL Footage of Buckingham Fountain set to muzak. 

30:23Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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