Casino Gambling in Chicago

This series of three news reports concerns the controversy surrounding Mayor Jane Byrne's idea to introduce casino gambling in Chicago, which focuses on the positive and negative consequences of introducing casino gambling in Atlantic City, NJ.

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0:06Copy video clip URL This is the first of three news reports about the controversy surrounding Mayor Jane Byrne’s idea to introduce casino gambling in Chicago. The reporter Elizabeth Brackett interviews Joseph Lazarow, mayor of Atlantic City, who says that introducing casinos into the city was a last resort, but it turned the city around – gambling has brought in tax revenue and new jobs.

1:24Copy video clip URL Brackett discusses the negatives of casinos in Atlantic City. People fear that crime syndicates are moving in, and police are having difficulty keeping up with street crime. They talk to Henry White, deputy director of public safety, about the crime in the city. Brackett wonders if Chicago would welcome the problems caused by casinos. They talk to John Degnan, attorney general of New Jersey, who says that he wouldn’t recommend casinos for “any city that had any other hope for economic revival.”

3:05Copy video clip URL The second news report begins. Brackett talks about the rise of crime in the Atlantic City, and she talks to the mayor about the types of crime caused by casinos. Brackett says that casino revenue is earmarked for the elderly, and so the city cannot use that money to increase police funding. They talk to Joseph Lordi, chairman of the Casino Control Commission, about the problem of organized crime, and discuss the steps taken to prevent it. Attorney General Degnan fears that the existing safeguards won’t be enough to prevent organized crime.

6:18Copy video clip URL The third news segment begins. Brackett talks about the way that casinos have changed the character of Atlantic City. She interviews local residents about the problems caused by the casinos. Both the attorney general and the Atlantic City mayor agree that casinos cause a lot of problems and should only be introduced as a desperate measure.

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