Celebration of ethnic diversity: no more Columbus Day – Klan rally

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00:00 Slate and count-in

00:15 A Native American speaker introduces a performance, and then performs a song about American soldiers with other Native American vocalists and drummers. Opening titles. 10/10/92 in Denver Colorado. The Native American speakers perform a ceremony for the crowds of onlookers and media. The main speaker talks to cameras about stopping the celebration of Columbus Day in Denver, CO. He discusses the effects of Columbus’ legacy on the legal rights of Native Americans. “Today we’re gonna give Denver a black eye.” He talks about the potential threat of the KKK arriving at the event.

10:1 0 Glenn Morris introduces Lessert Moore to explain the ceremony. Two “Government Spies” stand at the side of the stage watching the speech take place.

11:43 Dr. George Tinker speaks to the crowd about the goals of the protest, and their reception by the media and local authorities.

18:32 Main speaker thanks the crowd for arriving for the protest, and for coming together despite their racial differences.

23:35 Glenn Morris introduces two more speakers, who planned the art portion of the event: David Greenlands and Scott Parsons speak to the audience about their altar.

28:55 Ward Churchill introduces speaker Cahuilla Red Elk

29:34 Cahuilla Red Elk speaks about issues of racism and solidarity in the community today. More speakers continue on the same topics throughout the day.

59:24 Klu Klux Klan project. The KKK sell t-shirts on Martin Luther King Day (January 20, 1992) in Denver Colorado. The police arrive at the ceremony and line up while the KKK start to march. The marchers give “seig heil” signs and bait the cameras and watchers.

1:02:34 A KKK member defends white supremacy, and the march begins. One girl talks about why she dislikes African-Americans: she was jumped by a group of African Americans in Vir ginia. People march against the KKK chanting “Keep the dream alive” while the Grand Wizard calls Marting Luther King, Jr. a “whoremonger”.

1:10:00 The group moves inside for their rally, chanting “White power”. As they move outside they yell “move back to Africa.” Outside a black power rally has started, and the KKK members hurriedly move back inside. Inside they call racial slurs from behind a window. The KKK members move all of their women into a room where they won’t be hurt by African Americans. A KKK member emerges and sprays a can of mace into the air, before being attacked by snowballs from the entire student population. As the KKK members climb into their bus, they are attacked with snowballs by all people around. The police protect the KKK, but don’t stop the protesters.

1:22:10 A police car is smashed and someone starts yelling that they’re involved in the FBI, and everyone scatters, scared. One African-American man starts yelling at white protesters, without considering whether they’re involved with the KKK. He punches one man in the face and starts a fight with more people. He is preaching peace (ironically) and argues with people who insist on the violence inherent to the situation.

1:25:38 Police line up with riot gear. The police disperse the crowd. Several cars have been turned over and the police turn them back.

1:28:10 End Credits Kerry Appel, Kurt Bauer, Stephen Hume, 1992

1:28:37 End of tape.



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