[Communications for Change on Channel 2 news]

Off air channel 2 news report featuring segments profiling the Documenting Social History oral history videotape project of Communications for Change, including an interview with C for C's founder/director, Tedwilliam Theodore.

00:04Copy video clip URL Camera opens on a news report on education reform in Chicago Public Schools. Jesse Jackson speaking on the issue. Commercial break. Poor video quality.

1:57Copy video clip URL News report returns with a reporter talking about the election of Jimmy Carter. Commercial break. 

6:08Copy video clip URL Return to the broadcast. Gene Siskel reports on a project being produced out of City Colleges by Communications for Change. The project, Documenting Social History, aims to create oral histories of the city of Chicago via the students using videotape to interview older members of their communities.

6:55Copy video clip URL The first clip is of Prentice McCarey, a jazz musician in Hyde Park, who talks about working at clubs owned by Al Capone.

7:22Copy video clip URL Ester Gerwitz, child of Russian immigrants who settled in Logan Square, talks about the stigma of accepting charity in her community.

8:10Copy video clip URL Back in the studio, Siskel interviews Tedwilliam Theodore, director of Communications for Change, about the Documenting Social History Project. “The purpose of the project is to indicate to the community that the older adult population can be an active viable resource that members of the community can call on. The second goal is to try to share with younger members of the community some aspects of their heritage.”

9:29Copy video clip URL Commercial for 3M.

9:53Copy video clip URL Weather report with John Coughlin.

11:45Copy video clip URL Walter Jacobson reports on an effort by Mayor Richard J. Daley to restrict access of minors to movies with violent and sexual content. The Chicago Tribune and Saul Bellow win Pulitzer prizes. Jimmy Carter is poised to win several primaries tomorrow, Gerald Ford will only win the District of Columbia. Ronald Reagan campaigns at Notre Dame.

13:09Copy video clip URL Commercials for Selsun Blue, Glidden paint, Hathaway Golf shirts, and the 1976 Oldsmobile.

14:50Copy video clip URL Johnny Morris reports on sports. Horse racing at Hawthorne, interview with female race car driver Janet Guthrie, who has qualified to drive in the Indianapolis 500. Interview with driver Tom Sneva. Other brief sports news.

18:23Copy video clip URL Gene Siskel reports again on the Documenting Social History project. Repeats footage of McCarey, followed by Gladys Hoglin of Rogers Park, and a repeat of Gerwitz. The project showcases “older people as a rich resource.” They close the report. 

20:45Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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