Check, Please!, episode 313

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Check, Please! is a show where ordinary Chicagoans meet to discuss local restaurants. Each guest chooses his or her favorite restaurant for the other guests to attend, and all come back to discuss their experiences.

0:00 Bars and tone.

1:06 Check, Please! opening.

1:39 Alpana Singh opens show for us. This episode features Eric Ferguson (101.9 WTMX), Melissa Forman (93.9 WLIT), and Sam Sylk (107.5 WGCI), all Chicago radio DJs.

2:30 First restaurant: Morton’s (1050 N. State St.) Raki Mehra, manager, talks a bout the history of the restaurant. This one is Sylk’s pick. Ferguson says it has a very “Chicago machine” type of feel. Key lime martini was a big reccomendation. Great review from all. “An essential Chicago steakhouse.”

9:50 Food facts: puttanesca.

10:25 Forman’s pick: Francesca’s Hole in the Wall (Northbrook, IL). Suzanna Gallo, owner, talks about the way the restaurant got its start. The menu is on the wall instead of on paper. Forman emphasizes that the restaurant will always make anything you want, even if it’s not on the menu. The desserts get rave reviews. Everyone loved this place. They only take cash, though.

17:27 Food facts: daikon.

18:00 Ferguson’s pick: Rise (3401 N. Southport). Sushi restaurant. Calvin Wong, manager, explains how his restaurant differs from typical sushi menus. People loved the atmosphere: it’s very social and good for big groups. They talk about gender roles in relation to sushi: sushi is apparently a women’s food. They all thought the music was very good and contributed to the atmosphere. “It’s a cool sushi urban experience in a neighborhood setting.” All really liked it.

25:23 Singh recaps the show.

26:45 Credits.

28:00 End of tape.



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