[Checkerboard Lounge #5]

Lefty Dizz plays at the Checkerboard Lounge on 4/22/1982.

00:03Copy video clip URL Lefty Dizz’s musical performance begins at the Checkerboard Lounge. 

03:47Copy video clip URL Lefty Dizz moves around the stage, occasionally going offscreen or into the crowd. He then takes off his guitar and flips it to play it upside down.

05:03Copy video clip URL They finish the song and pause briefly for applause before ending with a final big note. Lefty Dizz speaks to the crowd about how they’re gonna “boogey all night.”

06:30Copy video clip URL They play a song off their new album. 

09:42Copy video clip URL The song finishes and the band takes a brief pause. Close-up on the lead, who is sweating and looking to the band for the next song.

10:26Copy video clip URL They start playing again. Lefty Dizz tells the audience that “every time he does this song,” he has to “go home and fight.”

16:37Copy video clip URL He sings without a mic and steps further into the crowd.

18:05Copy video clip URL He returns to the stage and continues to sing.

18:36Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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