[Back Seat 2: Taxi Installation Footage]

A taxicab is dropped off, taken up the elevator, and placed in a 10th floor gallery space at the Women's Interart Center in New York City, for the installation "Taxi," part of the exhibition "Back Seat" by Susan Milano, Nancy Cain, and Bart Friedman.

00:01Copy video clip URL A conversation about the title of installation, then titled “Waiting for a Taxi.” Musing on the idea of waiting. 

00:50Copy video clip URL Putting up the installation. Hammering boards to the walls and ceilings. Chuck Kennedy steadies the boards. 

01:20Copy video clip URL Exterior at night. Bringing the taxi into the Women’s Interart Center. Audio distortion. 

09:32Copy video clip URL Discussion with Susan Milano about the cars. Pushing the car into the building. Milano discusses the exhibition with the driver of the tow truck that brought the taxi. Audio distortion continues. 

13:24Copy video clip URL Bringing the taxi up in the elevator. 

14:58Copy video clip URL Entering the gallery space with the car. Pushing the car into place. 



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