Chicago Blues Urban Experience part 1

Documentary about Chicago blues.

00:09Copy video clip URL “Chicago Blues Urban Experience: Loyola University Program for Continuing Education” Music begins to play.

00:16Copy video clip URL “Sweet Home Chicago Overture: A Thematic Progression”

00:21Copy video clip URL Camera pans over a map of the American South. “Concert Poster for James A. Williamson, David Edwards, and Floyd Jones. Brief footage of the three playing on a stage interspersed with footage of the map. Audio cuts in and out. Historic photos of Chicago slideshow.

1:44Copy video clip URL Cut to the storefront of the Checkerboard Lounge. Concert Poster for Lefty Dizz. Cut to Lefty Dizz performing onstage. Footage of him singing and playing guitar with a band. 

8:09Copy video clip URL A voiceover of Albert Luandrew as Lefty Dizz’s performance ends. Concert Poster for Luandrew. Cut to him onstage speaking about learning to play piano. Luandrew singing and playing piano.

11:25Copy video clip URL Cut to a new performance by Lefty Dizz in a bar. 

11:59Copy video clip URL Concert poster for Eurreal Montgomery, Estella Yancey, and Erwin Helfer. Camera opens on Yancey being interviewed in Montgomery’s home. She speaks about the atmosphere of the blues house on Saturday nights. Cut to Helfer playing piano in her living room. She sings along with his playing and the camera focuses on her. 

17:16Copy video clip URL “All Part of the Family.” Concert poster for Johnny Davis. Voiceover of Davis explains the first show he played in Chicago. Slideshow of photos of him. Cut to him sitting at a piano. He speaks about his father hosting parties before he began to play piano. He describes the process of learning to play. Piano and vocal performance from Davis. Voiceover returns mid-song and Davis mentions some other musicians he played with. 

21:38Copy video clip URL Concert poster for Jimmy Walker. Voiceover of Walker saying that he was ready for young musicians to take over. Cut to a group onstage. The lead guitarist onstage introduces each musician in a family blues group, three young boys. The boys perform with the house band. 

27:13Copy video clip URL Concert Poster for Jimmy Walker and Billy Branch. Cut to performance by Branch and Walker playing with the same house band.  

32:14Copy video clip URL Music continues playing. Short soundless clips of the musicians that have been featured throughout the tape.

33:23Copy video clip URL Performance ends. Cut to Lefty Dizz introducing a new song. “Sweet Home Chicago.”

33:44Copy video clip URL Credits. 


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  1. Steve Tierney says:

    Great footage from the Checkerboard Lounge 1982!

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