Chicago Blues Urban Experience part 3

A documentary about Chicago blues.

00:01Copy video clip URL Color bars.

00:21Copy video clip URL Camera pans down a Chicago Street. Lefty Dizz voiceover introducing a show. “Chicago Blues Urban Experience: Loyola University Program for Continuing Education” Music begins to play. Sign reads “Help celebrate Blue Monday live in Chicago featuring: the sounds of 43rd St. with Lefty Dizz and his shock treatment. Also special assorted guest.” Camera zooms in and out and then pans on a map of Chicago. 

1:23Copy video clip URL Lefty Dizz performing with a band. Footage of the audience.

2:23Copy video clip URL Music stops. Footage of the map again. Cut to Jimmy Walker playing piano. Voiceover of him speaking about venues he used to frequently play in Chicago.

6:59Copy video clip URL Voiceover of Erwin Helfer with historic photos of Chicago. He speaks about playing on the South Side and how he met different blues musicians. Cut to him sitting at a piano and continuing to speak with a host about hearing different jazz musicians. Helfer begins playing. 

12:32Copy video clip URL The song ends and Helfer speaks about a kind of bass song that is different from the song he just completed. He plays the second kind. He finishes the song and says that is was in the key of G. He says most “piano boogies” play in C, F, and G, but some other jazz players play in the flat keys.

14:44Copy video clip URL Image of a record. Cut to Eurreal Montgomery playing piano. Voiceover of Montgomery talking about a musician he knew who was killed by gun violence in Chicago. Montgomery continues playing. The host asks him about the different kinds of bass and he mentions a few and begins playing again. 

20:08Copy video clip URL Cut to Billy Boy Arnold speaking about different piano rhythms he uses and that are common. He mentions a few different piano players.

22:08Copy video clip URL Cut to Walker playing piano. Footage of the Chicago map. Walker talks about some of the musicians that were playing in his era while he continues playing.

23:20Copy video clip URL Montgomery plays “Cow Cow Blues.” Voiceover of him speaking about musicians he knew. When the song ends, Montgomery talks about Helfer.

26:32Copy video clip URL Cut to Helfer and Estella Yancey sitting in a living room and talking. Yancey says they have known each other for more than 20 years. They talk about their early relationship and starting to play together. Montgomery plays piano and Yancey sings. After the song, Yancey recounts a story about Helfer. Montgomery talks about playing in that time. Yancey sings a bit more.

38:58Copy video clip URL Cut back to Walker speaking about wages. Sunnyland Slim talks about some popular songs. Cut back to Yancey singing. 

44:07Copy video clip URL Walker playing piano. Cut to Lefty Dizz introducing a new song. Music begins. Fade to black. 

45:23Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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