Chicago Blues Urban Experience part 4

A documentary about Chicago blues.

00:07Copy video clip URL Color bars. Camera opens on Jimmy Walker and Billy Branch performing with a band. “Chicago Blues Urban Experience: Loyola University Program for Continuing Education.” Footage of their performance. 

2:31Copy video clip URL Cut to a performance by Albert Luandrew. 

3:46Copy video clip URL Cut to a performance by Johnny Davis. 

5:23Copy video clip URL Voiceover of Davis speaking about his family playing music. Camera pans over a map of Chicago with a focus on the places Davis is mentioning. Davis mentions that he spent a lot of time at the home of Tampa Red. 

6:42Copy video clip URL Billy Boy Arnold begins talking about trying to go to Tampa Red’s house. Davis talks more about recording sessions done in Chicago. The host, Barry Dolins, asks about the musician’s union, and Davis says that most musicians did not join until about 1937. They talk about segregation within the union. 

9:03Copy video clip URL Cut to Eurreal Montgomery and Estelle Yancey talking about the segregated unions. They talk about integration. Armond Jump Jackson continues to talk about integration with the host and Davis. He goes on to speak about different musicians he played with. 

11:37Copy video clip URL Davis performs again. Some photos of musicians in that era. Voiceover of Billy Boy Arnold about the recording process. Voiceover of Davis speaking about recording with Sonny Boy Williamson.

15:28Copy video clip URL Billy Boy Arnold speaks about hearing the music of Williamson and wanting to learn to play harmonica. Cut to Billy Boy Arnold continuing to talk about how many people went to see Williamson perform. He talks about the first Blues songs that were played on the radio. He begins to play one of his songs that was first put on the radio. He talks a bit more about writing and recording music among artists. 

20:19Copy video clip URL Cut to a performance by Dave Myers. Myers recounts playing with a “foot stomp” and playing in clubs. Myers recounts an anecdote about a couple venues he played. 

24:03Copy video clip URL Performance from Luandrew. Voiceover of him talking about his influences as a musician.

26:31Copy video clip URL Eddie Taylor talks about using the microphone and harmonica in conjunction to get a real “blues” sound. Footage of him performing with Davis and Taylor. The host asks the musicians to talk about the importance of time. The musicians who were just playing and Taylor talks about playing on time and being in sync. They perform again. 

36:03Copy video clip URL The performance ends and the host talks about the familial relations of blues musicians. 

36:38Copy video clip URL Cut to performance by Steve Freund, Sunnyland Slim, and S.P. Leary. Footage of the audience. 

41:15Copy video clip URL Cut to performance by Walker and Branch. Photo of Pete Crawford. Fade to black.

44:45Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 


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