Chicago Boys

In 1973, after dramatic political upheaval in Chile, the "Chicago Boys," led by University of Chicago economics professor Milton Friedman, were given the chance to rebuild the country's economy. They opted to turn Chile into an experiment with absolute free markets. This documentary examines the poor state of the country ten years afterwards.

0:00Copy video clip URL Black, color bars.

0:31Copy video clip URL Program begins with Downey’s description of Chile’s economic history since 1973.

2:09 In the fish markets, as well as all other Chilean markets, there has been a lack of customers. People have no money and the number of unemployed people has increased dramatically due to the national industry being destroyed by imports.

3:11Copy video clip URL Interviews with a number of key economic and Chilean actors who are asked to talk about how they felt the Friedman theory has worked out economically.

5:31Copy video clip URL “The relations between the Chilean peso and dollar is each day worse for the man who produces and exports, and is each day better for the one who imports things from abroad.” The Chilean industry is not able to compete with foreign products.

7:07Copy video clip URL A look at what the Chilean people live like, after which the suffering that is going on is addressed more specifically.

8:38Copy video clip URL The Museum of Pre-Columbian Art, was the first to be installed and also the biggest investment in culture to happen in Chile, but at a time of economic recession. The coincidence is explained.

10:34Copy video clip URL After September 11, 1973 “all universities in this country are in the hands of generals … All the power of conducting academic life is in the hand of generals.” The government is said to be afraid of free thinking.

13:11 During the funeral of Edwardo Frey, ex-president, many people stood up against the military dictatorship.

14:00Copy video clip URL One solution explored is to choose to exile one’s self and decide to go away before being thrown away.



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