[Chicago Bulls vs Washington Bullets, February 2, 1975]

Footage of the Chicago Bulls coach in the locker room and on the court on February 2, 1975, when they played the Washington Bullets.

00:02Copy video clip URL Camera setup. 

00:26Copy video clip URL Head coach Dick Motta talks with a reporter on the sidelines about the lack of attention and attendance the Bulls have been receiving recently, and the effects of the gas shortage. 

02:07Copy video clip URL Motta flips through a book of photographs. 

02:56Copy video clip URL Bulls point guard Norm Van Lier sits in his locker. Bob Love fixes his hair. Jerry Sloan reads a magazine. Tom Boerwinkle sits. Rowland Garrett gets his legs stretched by a shirtless trainer. The arena organ plays in the background. 

05:02Copy video clip URL Boerwinkle gets his legs stretched by the trainer. 

06:00Copy video clip URL The trainer stretches out Sloan’s legs next as the camera wanders around the locker room. Videomaker Tom Weinberg discusses their shooting plans with his collaborator. 

07:30Copy video clip URL Motta stands around whistling then talks with another coach about the game. The camera pans around the locker room as players and coaches talk. The trainer continues to stretch players.

10:30Copy video clip URL Motta lays out plans for the game against the Washington Bullets, whose lineup included Wes Unseld, Phil Chenier, and Elvin Hayes. 

13:25Copy video clip URL A moment of silence before leaving for the court. Motta has a few suggestions for Howard Porter as the players file out of the locker room. After all the other players have left, Bob Weiss runs out of the bathroom and towards the court. 

15:00Copy video clip URL Motta talks with one of the arena staff about the kids of the coaches and  players causing problems in the arena. 

15:50Copy video clip URL Clem Haskins wanders in, limping slightly as his leg is wrapped tight. Motta says he doesn’t think there will be 1000 people in attendance and that he hopes he has enough gas in his car to get home. More discussion of gasoline with coaches and staff. 

18:40Copy video clip URL Coaches and staff telling each other jokes in the locker room. 

19:42Copy video clip URL On the court, Motta sits in a folding chair watching shootaround. The Bullets shoot on the other end of the court. 

20:45Copy video clip URL The players are announced before the start of the game. 

22:03Copy video clip URL “The Star-Spangled Banner” plays on the organ. 

23:10Copy video clip URL Mid-game discussion between Motta and his players: “Let’s let Kevin beat us from outside, like when you switch on him in that… just play it a yard, yard and a half away from him. Make him beat you out there…. Norm, run a strong C. Strong C – don’t call it.”

24:37Copy video clip URL Game footage. Motta yells out “Strong C! Strong C!” Sloan scores. The seats in the arena are mostly empty. 

25:10Copy video clip URL More gameplay as Motta yells out directions and encouragement from the sidelines. Chet Walker scores. 

27:05Copy video clip URL A timeout with Motta telling his team to “Run a strong, come over hard.” “You’ve already whipped him once down low so he’ll be easy to screen…” 

28:48Copy video clip URL More footage from the sidelines. 

29:38Copy video clip URL Motta loudly taunts the referee: “Call another technical! Call a technical! Be a big guy! Call a technical! Oh yeah, be a big man!” In time-out he changes the defensive assignments. 

31:21Copy video clip URL More footage of Motta on the sidelines as the game continues. 



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