[Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries, reel 18; Claire Wolf Krantz]

Artist Claire Wolf Krantz talks with a Kartemquin film crew about the role of identity and religion in her work before giving us a rare glimpse of her artistic process in action.

0:44Copy video clip URL Claire Wolf Krantz talks about her professional interest in minority artists and her realization that this interest stems from her identification as a female Jewish artist.

2:48Copy video clip URL Krantz describes the piece which she believes to be her first “Jewish piece;” a piece that also was one of her most personal and emotional.

5:30Copy video clip URL Krantz begins painting, revealing that this is only the second time she has ever painted in public—the first being a demonstration she did in Indonesia.

6:31Copy video clip URL B-roll footage of Krantz working

17:02Copy video clip URL Krantz lays out the “Book of Life” with help from Kartemquin’s Jerry Blumenthal.



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