[Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries, reel 19; Claire Wolf Krantz]

A Kartemquin Films crew led by Jerry Blumenthal take a look around artist Claire Wolf Krantz's studio, focusing primarily on her most recent piece "Book of Life," a commentary on Jewish–Black relations.

0:02Copy video clip URL Claire Wolf Krantz and Jerry Blumenthal talk about her unfinished piece, “Book of Life,” as B-roll footage is taken.

3:35Copy video clip URL Krantz explains the remaining work she has to do on the piece.

7:17Copy video clip URL Krantz insists, “I don’t look at blacks as a different kind of me, I think that they should be able to be who they are, but we’ve got to get along.” With this, Krantz goes on to explain that she aims to instill meaning in each and every element of a piece, allowing them to “resolve together, without losing each of their individual identities.”

8:10Copy video clip URL Krantz continues to talk about her detail-oriented material choices.



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