[Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries, reel 24; Joel Feldman]

Artist Joel Feldman shows four of his pieces for the show and talks with a Kartemquin Films crew about what he hopes to inspire with his artwork and the importance of humor in battles for social justice.

0:39Copy video clip URL Joel Feldman displays four of his pieces while explaining what is going on in each and suggesting possible meanings behind them.

4:30Copy video clip URL Feldman talks about the book Rabbits and Boa Constrictors by Fazil Iskander and explains its social commentary.

5:36Copy video clip URL Feldman talks about the human tendency to look for oneself in one’s surroundings, going on to explain that he hopes patrons look for mirrors of themselves in his artwork.

6:20Copy video clip URL Feldman talks about the importance of humor in art and its ability to “seduce” the socially indifferent. “Humor, in my opinion, is the one thing that can really be used to show the absurdity of what’s being done to one,” suggests Feldman.

8:33Copy video clip URL B-roll footage of Feldman’s prints.



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