[Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries, reel 29; Parada/Walker]

In the final part of Kartemquin Films' visit to Esther Parada's studio, Jerry Blumenthal talks with her and Hamza Walker about their piece for the Spertus Museum of Judaica's show, "Bridges and Boundaries: Chicago Crossings", as well as their inspirations for the piece and their thoughts on Black–Jewish relations.

1:24Copy video clip URL Hamza Walker explains how the TIME Magazine cover and the idea of “diversity” inspired he and Esther Parada’s piece for the Spertus show. “Diversity means that at times there’s going to be a clash—no matter how idiotic or stupid the reason or particular starting point—but this is an aspect of diversity that no one really addresses or talks about,” says Walker.

5:02Copy video clip URL Parada reflects on what she would have made had Walker not contacted her. “I probably would have done something that was a kind of critical look at my own community—the Jewish community,” she posits, before going on to express her interest in the relationship between feminists of different ethnic backgrounds.

6:58Copy video clip URL Parada talks about the interesting relationship she witnessed between Black nurses and Jewish patients in her mother’s nursing home and her hopes to develop the idea into a piece.

9:10Copy video clip URL Walker talks about his deep familiarity with Jewish culture and, as a result, how had he not collaborated on this piece the project would have been a struggle.

9:55Copy video clip URL Walker references the fact that both he and Parada have family members who have undergone a “role-reversal” of sorts; namely his African-American cousin who is very involved in the fight for Israel and Parada’s White brother who is married to a Black woman and has undergone a “complete crossover racially.” “Sounds like a great movie,” jokes Blumenthal.

12:50Copy video clip URL B-roll footage of Parada working in Photoshop, while in the background we hear Blumenthal realize that Parada is “working with a baby,” as Walker is by far the youngest of the bunch.



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