[Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries, reel 31; Marva Jolly]

In the second part of an interview with Kartemquin Films, artist Marva Jolly tells about her family, her upbringing, and her spiritual view of the world.

0:32Copy video clip URL Marva Jolly explains the physical strain of ceramics and her dream to move into a huge, multimodal space.

1:53Copy video clip URL Jolly talks about her childhood growing up on a large farm in Mississippi and the countless influences her upbringing has had on her psyche and artwork. “I think that [the strong] kind of spirit comes from my family. They didn’t kill it; they never really attempted to domesticate any of us… I try to stand up and take a position for my folks—and my folks are not just immediate family, I consider the whole world to be my folks,” says Jolly.

6:24Copy video clip URL B-roll shot of two of Jolly’s pieces.

7:10Copy video clip URL Jolly goes through the many facets of her “offering” piece for the Spertus show and explains what each individual component represents.

13:45Copy video clip URL Jolly addresses the fact that her piece for the Spertus show is very personal and not plainly related to the issue of Black–Jewish relations. “All I’m saying to the world is… I don’t have enough ideas about the Jewish and African-American relationship… the neighborhood I come from, that has not been an issue… and the only way I can even attempt to look at that is spiritually, because that’s the way I look at the world,” explains Jolly.

15:40Copy video clip URL Kartemquin’s Jerry Blumenthal tells Jolly about their hopes for the Chicago Crossings project that span beyond the Spertus show.

16:17Copy video clip URL B-roll footage of various pieces in Jolly’s studio.

18:41Copy video clip URL A series of establishing shots, presumably outside of Jolly’s studio.

19:45Copy video clip URL Black screen.

21:06Copy video clip URL Tape end.



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