[Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries, reel 36C; Installation Footage]

A Kartemquin Films crew spends the day at the Spertus Museum of Judaica prior to their "Bridges and Boundaries: Chicago Crossings" exhibition, focusing on the work of Gerda Meyer-Bernstein, Hamza Walker, Esther Parada, and Marva Jolly.

0:23Copy video clip URL Gerda Meyer-Bernstein—along with three assistants—arrange boxes of glass in her exhibition space as she continues installation.

4:15Copy video clip URL Meyer-Bernstein and her assistants leave the Spertus Museum through the permanent collection while Gerda briefly talks about Judaism and suggests that her assistants go see Schindler’s List.

6:55Copy video clip URL The Kartemquin crew visits Esther Parada and Hamza Walker’s exhibit space, attempting to capture a morph of Marva Jolly and John Pitman Weber’s faces.

12:11Copy video clip URL B-roll footage of the Spertus’ permanent collection.

12:30Copy video clip URL Marva Jolly and two assistants move her pieces into the gallery.

16:05Copy video clip URL With her pieces in the gallery but still wrapped up and in boxes, Jolly says that her work is done. “My work will go where it’s supposed to…I really do think that it’s an art to put a show together and I respect that,” says Jolly, before leaving the Spertus through the permanent collection and bidding the crew adieu.

20:00Copy video clip URL B-roll shots of the Spertus’ permanent collection.



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