[Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries, reel 4; John Pitman Weber]

In this 1994 trip to artist John Pitman Weber's studio, a group of filmmakers from Kartemquin Films talk with Weber about his work, his life, and Jewish involvement in the Civil Rights movement.

1:05Copy video clip URL Unrelated footage that appears to be camera original footage shot for a talk show. They discuss generic drugs and how effective they might be for treatment of seizures. They also discuss the possible dangers and advantages of polytherapy (use of more than one medication) compared to monotherapy (using only one medication).

8:55Copy video clip URL The interview with John Pitman Weber continues with the story that was cut short on the previous tape. After peeking through a flower-covered fence with his brother and seeing the living conditions of Black children in Virginia, Weber recalls feeling “startled.” “The fence plays a double-role… As well as supporting these flowers, it’s also hiding what’s behind there. So I’d like to find some way to get a little bit of that effect… lifting the veil.”

10:30Copy video clip URL Weber shows us a photo of four homeless children taken in the Lower East Side that he plans on using in his piece.

11:46Copy video clip URL A series of close-ups and pans taken of Weber’s family photos.

18:12Copy video clip URL Weber footage ends. More unrelated footage from the talk show about people suffering from seizures. The host thanks the men for taking part in the round table discussion.



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