[Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries, reel 49; Spertus Museum]

A Kartemquin Films crew spends the day at the Spertus Museum of Judaica's 1994 exhibition, "Bridges and Boundaries: Chicago Crossings," as part of their documentary of similar name. The crew follows a class of schoolchildren through the exhibit, interviews a pair of patrons, and heads upstairs to film part of a symposium.

0:33Copy video clip URL Rebecca—a docent—explains how artist Kerry James Marshall found inspiration for the piece he did for the Bridges and Boundaries show, while the children continue to eagerly tell stories about their association with the six-pointed star.

3:23Copy video clip URL Some of the students admire their teacher’s Claddagh ring, while others insist that it is a “gang ring” and, as such, their teacher must be gang affiliated.

4:00Copy video clip URL Shots of the children walking through the gallery.

4:40Copy video clip URL Kartemquin’s Jerry Blumenthal interviews a Jewish woman visiting from Boston. The two talk about the significance of the exhibit in the greater conversation of race relations in America. “I think what most people aren’t saying about this so-called ‘Black–White issue’… is the basic issue about the competition that seems to go on in many groups in America… everybody seems to be out there looking at ‘Who suffered the most?’ rather than thinking about the common basis of what happened to everybody that came to this country,” she suggests. “What are we going to do for the future? … We somehow have to resolve this question of both diversity and competition.”

6:42Copy video clip URL Blumenthal prompts her to further elucidate her take on the exhibit and the issues, in particular the futility of framing things in terms of “who suffered the most.”

9:19Copy video clip URL Test footage.

10:01Copy video clip URL Close-up of a panel accompanying Gerda Meyer-Bernstein’s The Phoenix, explaining that the addition of a protective wall was the work of the museum and not an intended part of her piece.

10:18Copy video clip URL Blumenthal interviews another Jewish woman about the show. “I think to face the fact that there is a problem helps alleviate the problem,” she posits.

14:21Copy video clip URL B-roll footage of two women looking at Esther Parada and Hamza Walker’s piece.

16:42Copy video clip URL Footage of one of the women Blumenthal had previously interviewed moving through the exhibit.

18:05Copy video clip URL B-roll shot of Edith Altman’s installation.

18:27Copy video clip URL The crew films a symposium taking place in the upper levels of the Spertus. Mostly shots of the audience as Edith Altman speaks about the function of—and limits placed on—art.



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