[Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries, reel 56]

The Kartemquin crew visits a classroom where students are working on the mural project associated with Spertus Museum of Judaica's "Bridges and Boundaries" exhibition. The crew gathers b-roll footage of the mural and the students working, and briefly speaks with a few of the students.

0:00Copy video clip URL Bars and tone, followed by unrelated footage of a woman teaching a classroom full of elementary students. The color channel is highly distorted. in this section.

3:50Copy video clip URL The crew gathers b-roll around the classroom, including a large sheet of paper on the wall with ideas written on it like “Black Anger/Jewish guilt,” “Beats (rhythm),” “What unites,” and “What divides;” as well as some shots of the shofar sitting on a table with numerous books, such as The Jews of Ethiopia: A People in Transition, The Alphabet of Creation, and the Bridges and Boundaries catalog.

7:39Copy video clip URL Jerry Blumenthal asks Naomi, one of the students, about how the shofar is used in Africa. She’s unsure of the exact tradition, but says that they do also use it there. “It seems to me like religions are all kind of similar,” she says. “They’re all sort of for the same purpose. All religions seem to say, ‘Be good to people.'” She also talks about how she doesn’t think she is religious, but that she still identifies as Jewish, perhaps because she was “raised Jewish.” “The cultural stuff is there.”

10:00Copy video clip URL The crew gathers more b-roll of the mural and the students working. At one point, the teachers comment on the moaning sounds used in the music the class has chosen to listen to. “That’s how you sell music, I guess!”

19:02Copy video clip URL Blumenthal asks a student named Joe what he’s working on. He says he’s sketching out the design for one of the panels, which will show kids bringing together the adults from different races. He also says one of the instructors for the mural, Mrs. Charbit, was a teacher at his school, but otherwise he didn’t know anyone involved in the mural project, and didn’t know very much about Jewish people or Jewish culture.



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