[Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries, reel 60; Student Mural Day #2]

Footage of the mural project done in conjunction with the Spertus Museum of Judaica's 1994 exhibition "Bridges and Boundaries." Esther and Kiela, the two teachers in charge of the mural, talk with a museum employee named Paul about what areas of the mural can be cut out in order to let wind pass through. Also includes b-roll of students working on the project and another interview with a student named Naomi about the themes reflected in the piece.

0:00Copy video clip URL Paul talks about how the museum decided on 10% as the amount of wood that needed to be removed from the mural. He continues to move around the room with Esther and Kiela, the teachers leading the mural project, and they discuss what areas could be removed to allow wind to safely pass through while also maintaining the aesthetic and thematic integrity of the piece.

7:30Copy video clip URL Blumenthal talks to one of the students working on the mural, Naomi. She discusses how the mural shows various parallels between blacks and Jews. The two ends of the mural show a black man (left side) and a Jewish man (right side) using an animal horn as a musical instrument (a shofar in Hebrew). She talks about how the instrument is used in both cultures. Out of the horns are images that show the ways that both peoples have had to struggle.

11:00Copy video clip URL No audio. The camera records more b-roll of the mural and what work has been completed so far. Some students bring in the panel that has already been cut.

13:10Copy video clip URL Audio returns. The students puts the panel in its place in the mural so that they can look at how the mural is flowing now with the holes. More b-roll as the students continue to work and the teachers continue to consult with Paul about where to cut on the other panels.

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