[Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries, reel 68; Gallery Interviews]

Woman-on-the-street style interviews with three women attending the Spertus Museum of Judaica's 1992 exhibition "Bridges and Boundaries."

0:00Copy video clip URL The camera records b-roll as people explore the exhibit, focusing on a Scottish couple who are reading the text in Edith Altman’s piece, “How Do We Teach Our Children?”

2:30Copy video clip URL Blumenthal interviews the couple. They talks about being aware of some of the racial and ethnic problems being represented in the exhibition, although they think those problems are less prominent in the UK, mainly just because there are fewer black people there than in the US, and thus there is less opportunity for racial issues to come to the surface. Blumenthal talks about how Chicago has tried to improve the diversity of its police force.

8:20Copy video clip URL The crew records as another woman moves through Altman’s piece and the rest of the exhibit.

12:55Copy video clip URL They interview the woman, who says she is a teacher at Deerfield High School. She talks about the importance of the show, and how it might relate to her classroom.

16:07Copy video clip URL B-roll as another woman moves through the exhibition.

22:55Copy video clip URL The woman says she has lived in both New York and Chicago and is moving back to Brazil soon. She talks about living in Oak Park, which she feels is better integrated than a lot of Chicago suburbs, as well as positive experiences she had while attending the University of Wisconsin in Madison. She speaks positively about the exhibition, and hopes that it can travel to New York, where she feels the conflict between the black and Jewish communities is particularly prominent. “New York needs to see there are blacks and Jews trying to work together.”

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