[Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries, reel 7; Gerda M. Bernstein]

Artist Gerda Meyer-Bernstein and her assistant Ben are shown working in studio as Meyer-Bernstein talks about her creative process, race relations, and her current project, "Phoenix."

0:24Copy video clip URL B-roll footage of Meyer-Bernstein and her assistant Ben leaving Smith Glass Co.

1:38Copy video clip URL Audio-less footage taken from inside Smith Glass. One of the members of the Kartemquin crew is shown fiddling with a camera.

2:56Copy video clip URL More B-roll footage taken sans audio, this time from inside Meyer-Bernstein’s studio.

4:29Copy video clip URL Audio returns as Meyer-Bernstein and Ben work on putting together her piece inside the studio. Meyer-Bernstein intermittently chats with the Kartemquin crew about her piece and the reasoning behind her aesthetic choices.

9:10Copy video clip URL Meyer-Bernstein talks about the difficulties of open racial discourse. “I think that the Blacks are really full of anger and the Jews are full of guilt and we’ve got 400 years of Black slavery and we’ve got 2,000 years of Jewish persecution, and it’s going to be a super-difficult thing to try to have this process of healing.”

11:44Copy video clip URL Meyer-Bernstein details the internal nature of her creative process and reveals the title of her piece, “The Phoenix.” “The concept to me is the healing; that out of these ashes the phoenix rises and we all recognize the futility of fighting like that and a healing process can begin,” she expresses.

14:00Copy video clip URL Meyer-Bernstein talks about the advantages of her creative process and how it allows for her pieces to evolve over time.

16:38Copy video clip URL Meyer-Bernstein talks about the scrap gathering process and the enjoyment she derives from it. “I just go to junkyards because I like the idea of using something [that has been destroyed and has been thrown away], and making it into a whole new.”

21:01Copy video clip URL Tape end.



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