[Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries, Stereotypes 3rd Cut]

A rough cut of students talking about stereotypes about black and Jewish people. The students are part of a mural project done in conjunction with the Spertus Museum of Judaica's 1992 exhibition "Bridges and Boundaries," about Black–Jewish relations.

0:11Copy video clip URL Jerry Blumenthal asks the students and teachers what difference it made that there were no Jewish men and no black women, to which Kiela jokes, “What am I?” Blumenthal clarifies he meant among the students.

0:27Copy video clip URL The video loops a few times on the same few seconds of footage where Hozy points out that Kiela is only half-black. Kiela talks about how, while it’s true that her mother is Sicilian, in this society, she was raised as black. “Drop Theory: You have a drop of black blood, you’re black. … In this society, I wouldn’t go up to somebody and say, ‘Hey! I’m white!’ Yeah, right!”

1:04Copy video clip URL Hozy admits that is was a little weird having it just be him and the other two boys as the black students. Kiela talks about stereotypes that black men are meant to be feared, and how it is particularly gendered where white women are supposed to “clutch their purse” and be afraid. So with the black men and the white Jewish women, “it’s almost like all the stereotypes in your face.”

1:43Copy video clip URL Hozy reads from a list of stereotypes about black people that aren’t true.

2:09Copy video clip URL Naomi and Sabrina read from the list of Jewish stereotypes. The video cuts back and forth between Hozy, Joe, Naomi, and Sabrina as they read from their respective lists of stereotypes.

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