The Chicago Entertainment Connection pilot

The Chicago Entertainment Connection pilot episode.

00:00Copy video clip URL Bars and tone.

02:20Copy video clip URL Opening sequence for the pilot episode of The Chicago Entertainment Connection.

02:50Copy video clip URL Linda Mensch introduces the show.

03:40Copy video clip URL The Way Moves’ “Culture Culture” video is shown.

08:15Copy video clip URL Mensch interviews Way Moves’ manager Peter Katsis. He talks about the “new music” trend, and discusses some of the duties of a manager. He tells of finding the Way Moves and talks about the struggle to get the group onto a major label. He says that “at this point, no one can afford to ignore video” as a promotional tool.

13:22Copy video clip URL Another Way Moves video is shown.

15:15Copy video clip URL Mensch interviews John Mrvos, Music Director at WXRT. He says that his station is the most adventurous in the region, and makes an effort to support local groups. He tells local groups to drop off multiple copies of their music. He gives his opinion of the notion of “new music,” and claims to like a wide range of musical genres. He thinks that music video programming as competition to the radio.

21:15Copy video clip URL Mensch interviews Yaa Venson, producer of WLS-TV’s Rock On Chicago. A brief clip of the show is played. Venson talks about the origin of the show, and the basic format of the program. Venson claims that the videos are picked by a team of people, and she tries to explain some of the basic selection criteria. Mensch asks if she favors videos by Chicago groups, and Venson says she has a commitment to airing local groups.

27:45Copy video clip URL Mensch asks questions of the assembled guests. Mvros says he would definitely play the Way Moves on the radio, and that some of the local music hasn’t been up to snuff to make it onto the air. Katsis agrees, and says that the Way Moves (along with Ministry) makes music that sounds like “it wasn’t from Chicago” (as opposed to those aping the “Midwest pop sound”). Venson claims that she doesn’t receive many submissions from local groups, and talks a bit about the standards for acceptance on the show. Mvros sees lots of local talent in town, both before and behind the camera. He and Katsis blame local cynicism on holding back the local entertainment scene.

33:00Copy video clip URL Another Way Moves video closes out the show.

35:25Copy video clip URL End credits.

36:58Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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