[Chicago Iraqis]

A segment about Iraqi immigrants in Chicago and their opinions on Iraqi revolution as well as American intervention in Iraq.

0:05Copy video clip URL Opens on a Chicago street. Voice-over mentions the immigrant groups who have settled in the neighborhood, and the increasing number of Iraqis after the Gulf War. Footage of men in a restaurant talking about American policy in the Middle East.

0:52Copy video clip URL Segment moves on to a man who has started a limousine service after moving to America; he does not want to be identified. He talks about his experiences fighting with the resistance in Iraq, and his opinions on America reentering the area.

2:18Copy video clip URL An early Iraqi immigrant who runs an international engineering firm talks about his family tragedies, not being able to return to Iraq, and his political views.

3:30Copy video clip URL Brackett talks to various immigrants about American intervention in Iraq. They generally agree that American intervention would be generally welcomed and would not incite terrorist attacks, and that they want Saddam Hussein overthrown.

5:36Copy video clip URL A man talks about his concerns on civilian casualties. A woman who wishes to remain unidentified echoes similar sentiments. She doesn’t like Hussein, but she is suspicious of America’s intentions.

7:35Copy video clip URL Patrons of the local mosque remember chemical warfare initiated by Hussein, and voice-over discusses the wishes of immigrants to return to Iraq to fight.

9:05Copy video clip URL The owner of the engineering firm talks about a post-Hussein Iraq.

10:17Copy video clip URL End



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