Chicago Slices, episode 9303

Episode 9303 of the show featuring everyday Chicagoans.

1:00Copy video clip URL Cold Open w/ Yogi the Taxi Man: “Welcome to the city of Chicago. You’ve just walked into the fantasyland of the great one himself, and that’s me. I’m the YOGI man, live in a taxi. I’m the one that’s gonna be getting you to your destination safe and sound…”

1:12Copy video clip URL Chicago Slices opening.

1:44Copy video clip URL Tonight’s Show: “Chicago Slices…it’s not pizza it’s people and it could be you, but not this week because this week it’s Kennedy woman Dorreen Flanagan, radio and tv guy Danny Bonaduce, another episode of ‘What the El,’ and we start with Yogi the Taxi man.” (Nate Herman)

1:55Copy video clip URL Yogi Ward, an aspiring radio announcer who plays DJ for his cab customers, gives Bess Grossberg a very special ride. “Hey, you’ve got the best ride in the city of Chicago. Nobody in the city has a show like this, in fact, nobody has a taxi like this…Hey, here’s Frankie…(Sinatra sings “My Kind of Town”)”

4:32Copy video clip URL Lunch with Danny Bonaduce: Over sushi and soup without spoons, Danny Bonaduce tells Niel Saban an abbreviated life history from child star to drug addict to radio personality on WLUP. In between discussions of a Partridge Family reunion and the nature of sitcom work, he chats in Japanese with the waiter.

8:20Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

9:23Copy video clip URL Performance Intro: “Hello, welcome to the performance segment of Chicago Slices. I’m Brigid Murphy and I’m a showgirl. I’m here in what was the one time showgirl capital of Chicago…The Uptown Theatre, the Riviera Theatre, the Aragon Ballroom and the Green Mill and inside is the man that gave me my start.

9:40Copy video clip URL Marc Smith performs a poem from the stage of The Green Mill, talks about how he got his start as a poet, and describes his creation, the Chicago Poetry Slam like this: “It’s fun, it’s nuts, it’s everything, but it’s meant to be serious. It’s meant to seriously bring people together and connect them in a good way, let them get to know each other and get to know their hearts.”

14:00Copy video clip URL People selling watermelons out of a truck on the South Side and Dicey Lucas, who decribes its benefits.

14:40Copy video clip URL Kennedy Women Intro.

15:21Copy video clip URL In her 13th season as a stone roller, Kennedy Expressway construction worker Doreen Flanagan describes why women are better with heavy machinery, but says on the flip side, “I’m out here because I can do the job, not because I’m a girl…The bottom line is everybody’s out here to make money and that’s what I’m out here for too.”

18:38Copy video clip URL Yogi the cab driver hands the microphone over to Terri D’Astice who gives her opinion on his taxi service.

19:24Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

20:22Copy video clip URL Ben Hollis asks people on the street if he can put them on TV.

21:24Copy video clip URL Here’s My Story. Maywood resident Tracy Williams talks about her first rides on the El (she thought there was only one).

22:21Copy video clip URL What The El? Intro

22:34Copy video clip URL What The El w/ Judy Markey: Darryl takes the Ravenswood B-Train and guesses Toni’s age (he guessed 38, she’s 48 and real happy with his guess), family, and marital status (she’s a waitress, married with two kids).

25:26Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

26:24Copy video clip URL “Next week, the gas station guy, more ‘What the El’, and Joe does Skokie.”

26:26Copy video clip URL Credits roll w/ Gordon Walek’s instant review: Gordon Walek, TV Editor of the Daily Herald, is asked what he thinks of “Chicago Slices.” Gordon responds, “Chicago Slices gives you some sense of place. There aren’t many shows that do that, and I hope this continues. I do, however, have some criticisms of the third episode…”



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