Chicago Slices, episode 9304

Episode 9304 of the show featuring everyday Chicagoans.

0:54Copy video clip URL Cold open in Skokie: “What country are you from?”


“Are you from America?”

“No, regular English.”

1:03Copy video clip URL Chicago Slices opening.

1:35Copy video clip URL “This week, it’s Bernice Northern, a Kennedy flagger; Carlos Malave, one of hundreds of local school council members; Donald Buck, an honest roofer; and we start in Highwood where we meet veteran opera singer Gloria Linari Lind Bently.”

1:54Copy video clip URL Veteran opera singer Gloria Linari shows her uvula on TV, sings a couple of arias, and tells how Joe Schuster copied her face for the character of Lois for the first Superman comics.

4:56Copy video clip URL Kennedy Women Intro.

5:08Copy video clip URL Kennedy expressway construction worker Bernice Northern describes her flagging technique while in the middle of the action on the Montrose entrance ramp, “We all have to develop our own technique. I try to get eye-to-eye contact with the motorist and then try to make sure that they see me so that they will be the one to stop for me.”

8:48Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

9:35Copy video clip URL What the El Intro w/Judy Markey: “We’re getting on the El right now and we’re gonna do something everybody in Chicago does, which is stand there and pretend you’re really bored, but see somebody and wonder what their story is.”

10:14Copy video clip URL What The El? Irene Eddings guesses another passenger’s age, occupation and marital status, but we’ll never know who she is because she only speaks Polish…no English.

12:28Copy video clip URL Skokie 60076 w/ Joe Cummings. Skokie residents David Rasho, Masood Bijapuri, Danbi Kim, Dora Cortex, Helen Benjamin, and Inn Gorelik, who are from diverse ethnic backgrounds, are asked how they like living in Skokie and how they compare it with their own country of origin. Joe Cummings also speaks a little Korean.

15:19Copy video clip URL Carlos Malave, elected community representative for the Joyce Kilmer School District, talks about the school reform from his Union 76 station on Elston and Argyle. “If the Chicago Public Schools were a car, it’d be a car with bald tires, it’d be a car that needs an engine overhaul, it’d be a car that’s been neglected for the last 30 years. We’d have to take a serious look at it and see if this car can be repaired or should it be replaced.”

18:53Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

19:40Copy video clip URL Fish Tales Intro

20:07  Fish Tales. David Darby, who’s worked with fish for 46 years, talks about his favorite catfish and says that he’s been working so long with seafood that sometimes his wife thinks he’s part fish.

21:28Copy video clip URL From the roof of a home in Northbrook, ex-baker Donald Buck explains why he quit the bread business and went into roofing. Co-workers Wes Strock and George Lane tell why they like working together, while son Randy Buck explains that he’d rather be in a band. Special visit by Jeff Dundovich, the delivery guy.

24:48Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

25:49Copy video clip URL “Watch Chicago Slices next week to see what happens when singles meet ‘Just for lunch,’ Arlington Heights’ favorite bald musical performer, and grafitti artists who actually won prizes from the CTA.”

25:59Copy video clip URL Credits roll w/ Chef slicing pineapple at the Hyatt Oakbrook.



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