Chicago Slices, episode 9305

Episode 9305 of the show featuring everyday Chicagoans.

0:03Copy video clip URL Cold open at North Avenue Beach: Two women sunbathing talk about the beach and a guy they met that day

0:27Copy video clip URL Chicago Slices opening. “Chicago Slices…the local news without a weatherman, but this week we do have sports, a but of sixteen-inch Chicago softball, some weekend golf action, a few suburban dress-up hobbyists, and we start with a new 90’s game for singles…doing lunch with that special stranger.”

1:06Copy video clip URL Just Lunch, part 1. Margaret Kunkler explains the concept of “Just Lunch,” a unique way for single professionals to meet and get to know each other. En route to her restaurant of choice, Tucci Milan, Cyndi tells us what she knows about her blind date, “Well, I know Joey’s my age, which is kind of in the early thirties. His family’s in the import/export business. He’s supposed to be tall, dark and handsome, an Italian man, and a lot of fun…” To be continued…

3:16Copy video clip URL Bob, a Northbook resident, tells us about his marriage. “When I met my wife, my office gave her a white cane because they were convinced that she was deaf, dumb, and blind to want to marry me. So, she is clearly a saint to put up with it.” His wife Janice disagrees.

4:58Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

5:58Copy video clip URL Larry, a third base coach for a sixteen-inch softball team called The Rabbits, characterizes the team as they play in Mt. Prospect. “…a lot of competitive people. That’s what it’s all about: competition. I like to be competitive and that’s why we’re out here.”

7:06Copy video clip URL Shelton Sally and Stacey Brownlee tell why they play golf during a round in Jackson Park. John shares his philosophy of the game: “You have to talk to your ball, you know…tell it when to stop, where to go, to the left or to the right…if you don’t talk to it, it does what it wants to do.”

10:12Copy video clip URL Donald Halman and Salvatore Napurano demonstrate their skill as they attach a few of the 1500 to 1600 golf club grips they do daily at the Northwestern Golf Co. at Leland and Ravenswood.

12:01Copy video clip URL Just Lunch, part 2. Meanwhile back at Tucci Milan…Cindy and Joey meet for the first time. Andrea McGinty from “Just Lunch” fills us in on what Joey’s looking for: “He definitely wants an urban city woman. He’s found he’s met a lot of women with big hair. (That’s a quote from Joey) And he wants someone who’s sophisticated, who likes the arts, and who’s interested in a lot of different things.” To be continued…

14:11Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

15:11Copy video clip URL Annalise Cupello and Toymekin Williams talk about the perils of sunbathing in Chicago from the sands of Oak Street Beach… the problem is men.

16:16Copy video clip URL Advertising executive and singing comedian Roger Bain sings a song he wrote about being bald and wearing glasses and reflects on the culture of the basement workforce in Arlington Heights.

19:29Copy video clip URL Just Lunch, part 3. We find out what happens after lunch.

“So, Joey, tell me how it went?” “Lunch was very nice. I was impressed with her, probably see her again, and we talked and we’ve got a lot in common – a lot of differences – but a lot in common.” Cindy says she might call him.

22:06Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

23:09Copy video clip URL (Text on Screen) “There’s a television series called ‘Star Trek.’ Over the years it has inspired some Americans to dress up and act out. These people call themselves Klingons. They gather regularly…this night in Harvey, Illinois.” We meet the Klingon Assault Group: Pamela Fox (full-time wife and mother from St. Charles), Linda “Klingons know how to party” Rowe, Bob Hessels (former postal worker from West Chicago), Dave Wirtz (The niceties of the human language are just considered superfluous.”), leader Jerry Murphy (business manager for a mental health organization) and the twins David and Jeffrey Mianowski.

26:00Copy video clip URL “Next Week on Chicago Slices… people who know what to do with garbage, others who are accused of making garbage music, and some who march to the beat of a different drummer.”

26:10Copy video clip URL Credit roll w/ guys singing “Under the Boardwalk” a capella at the Taste of Chicago.



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