Chicago Slices, episode 9306

Episode 9306 of the show featuring everyday Chicagoans.

1:10Copy video clip URL Cold open: Wendella boat captain Joseph O’Neill. “Hi everybody. Welcome aboard the Sunliner. We’ll be leaving the dock now, while we do, we ask those of you on the left side of the boat to be sure your hands and arms are not on the rail.”

1:22Copy video clip URL Chicago Slices opening. “Chicago Slices…a half-hour of characters you’re not likely to see anywhere else on TV…like Gary the recycler, the woman who caught her hair in the dishwasher, the downtown biker kids, and we start out with one of Chicago’s most accomplished oboe players.”

2:05Copy video clip URL Ray Still, an oboist in his 40th year with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, demonstrates how to make an oboe reed, plays a few pieces, and offers a bit of advice. “If you’re going to be someone who’s going to improve at his craft, you can’t stand still.”

5:46Copy video clip URL Bikers under Wabash. Suburban kids trek to the city to ride bikes down stairs, over curbs, and off of 4-foot walls.

6:40Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

7:45Copy video clip URL Skokie 60076. Joe Cummings talks about cranes and Tai Chi with Emily Oaks Nature Center supervisor Lee Hansen.

8:32  Tai Chi  Instructor Larry So explains the philosophy of Tai Chi while his students demonstrate at Sun Yat Sen Park (24th st. above the Dan Ryan Expressway). “Tai Chi is a very Asian form of exercise, you do it with the Chinese philosophy behind, which is the balance of the yin and the yang…All exercise is the same. When you’re exercising, your circulation goes everywhere, but with Tai Chi we’ve got something more. We use our mind, concentrate on our mind and direct our flow of the Chi, that is, the blood circulation.” Teenager David Tang says he thinks Tai Chi is just for old people, but Larry So says confidently, “They’ll come back to it.”

11:37Copy video clip URL What The El? Pamela Samuels plays along with Judy Markey to guess Willy Mack’s name, age, marital and family status, favorite music, and if he treats his mom well. (She guesses that he’s 38,without kids, likes rap music, his name is Robert, and he treats his mom well…possibly.) In reality, he’s 38, with six kids, likes gospel music, and he always treats his mom well.

13:27Copy video clip URL Women’s Action Coalition(WAC) Drum Corp: Feminist activists get together at Carpenter and Huron to pound on some homemade drums. Kathleen Macnamara explains why the group formed. Camcorder Correspondent Skip Blumber gives tips to the person who will edit this segment.

15:58Copy video clip URL Here’s My Story. Debra Robinson tells the story about the time she got her hair stuck in the dishwasher and had to call for her neighbor to cut her head free. As he was leaving the accident, he fell down the stairs and he broke his leg. “So, now we’re talking a broke leg man and a bald-headed woman. It was ugly, God it was ugly!”

17:26Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

18:30Copy video clip URL Hip Hop: Julian Atkins raps, “Check it out. Here we go, here we go on Chicago Slices, everybody know the juice-flow be the nicest. I’m from the South Side of town, I get down, I don’t clown around. I got profound beats in the back of the truck.”

18:48Copy video clip URL Garbage collectors: On the job at 66th and Cottage Grove, Stephen Hodge tells why he likes his job (“I make good money”) and Vernon Barrien tells how his brother found five grand in the garbage (a fringe benefit?).

20:50Copy video clip URL “One Man’s Trash”  Dee Dee Halleck. Two little girls sing “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

21:04Copy video clip URL Recycle Man: (Text on screen.) “Recycle Plus contracts with Chicago businesses to pick up discarded materials. Each week, they recycle about 16 tons of paper, bottles, cans, newspapers, metal, and plastic.” Owner Gary Zuckerman states, “Everything we pick up, we either reuse it or recycle it.” Sidekick Lee Feeder, who was hired through Thresholds, an organization that helps the mentally and physically challenged enter the workforce, demonstrates his strength. And wife Leila Zuckerman comments favorably on the development of her husband’s physique, since he started physical work. (music: “16 tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford)

24:40Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

25:42Copy video clip URL Wendella Boat Captain: (music: “I’ve Got Everything I Need”)While navigating the Chicago River and Lake Michigan, Joseph O’Neill tells how he got involved with boat tours after retiring. “The last of the two kids had just left to join the Marine Corps and there was nothing left to do but wait for the dog to die…he didn’t, so we gave him away (laughs)!”

27:00″Next week on Chicago Slices..we explore some major issues of our time…like what’s good about cheese popcorn, which dress looks best, and what to eat at Michael Jordan’s Restaurant…I mean…How could you miss this one?”

27:11Copy video clip URL Credits w/ Chicago skyline and Navy Pier.



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