Chicago Slices, episode 9307

Episode 9307 of the show featuring everyday Chicagoans.

1:16Copy video clip URL Camcorder Correspondent Andrew Jones, dribbling a basketball from across the street at Michael Jordan’s Restaurant.  “Hi, I’m Andrew Jones and this is a slice of Chicago.”

1:26Copy video clip URL Chicago Slices opening. “This week…what we eat, what we wear, and why we care about our hair…We start in Oakbrook with a slice of people who have others shop for them.” (Nate Herman)

2:00  Personal Shopper Linda Jarnig introduces a service offered by Nordstrom at Oak Brook Center, “Personal Touch is a complementary shopping service for men and women, and we’re here to help our customers in any way that we can from a dress or an outfit for a special occasion, to a complete wardrobe, to gift shopping.” Client Amy Mealins models several becoming evening gowns that she probably would not have chosen for herself. Jarnig comments on gender roles and recent trends in fashion. And Camcorder Correspondent Skip Blumberg tries on pants with pleats, “Ok, so here’s the new Nordstrom skip…It’s Chicago Slices…next segment.”

6:35Copy video clip URL Hats:  Cynthia Hadesman shows off some funky hats at a local haberdashery (Krivoy on Webster). Shopper Madeline Rabb tells why she selected her particular purchase, “because it’s a killer hat and I look wonderful in it (laughs)!”

7:40Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

8:58  Emma Jenkins is interviewed while fishing at Jackson Park Lagoon.

“What’s your name ma’am?”


“What’s your last name?”


“What are you fishing for?”


“Have you caught anything yet?”


“You gonna catch anything?”

“Hope so.”

“What are you gonna do when you catch it?”

“Eat it.”

“How you gonna cook it?”

“Fry it.”

“Does it taste god?”

“Of course, that’s why I’m so fat (laughs)!”

9:50Copy video clip URL Food Testing: Chicagoans test cheese popcorn at Peryam and Kroll on the North Side. Owners Daniel and Beverly Kroll explain the technicalities of this high security business built on precision.

Food technician Karri Rizzo describes a good taster, “Basically, a good tester would be someone who is very explicit about what a good product is…We really don’t look for someone that says it tastes good. What about it is good in their opinion? Does it have a good vanilla flavor? Is it sweet? What about it is good?”

12:50Copy video clip URL Greater Chicago Food Depository: Joanne O’Donovan describes how Lou Malnatti’s in Lincolnwood donates food that would otherwise be thrown away to social service agencies around Chicago. Today it’s 50 pounds of pizza to the Jesus People USA. Linda Meintz tells how these deliveries help them feed 300 to 400 people a day.

Stanley Jones a Food Depository Driver, tells how he took a pay cut when he entered this job and describes how it’s changed his perspective, “So, why should I go home and complain the VCR is not working? It don’t seem right… right?”

15:07Copy video clip URL Michael Jordan’s Restaurant: Manager, “Hey these guys are from WBBD 880 or something like that.” (Text on Screen: Actually, we’re from…”hand” pointing to WPRW logo.) Sous chef Charles Crawford says why most people visit the restaurant, “Curiousity for one and they want to be part of what Michael’s all about, you know, and to see what the restaurant is about. And once they come and the food is good, they come back.” Camcorder Correspondent Andrew Jones samples the Turtle Cheesecake with strawberry sauce.

16:36Copy video clip URL Harrie’s Deli: Owner Maurie Andes demonstrates the fine art of sandwich making and a client shares his lotto theory, “Do you know this think is fixed? If they run the ball, run the wheel a lot of times before it starts to come out of the wheel, they get small numbers, but when they run it a couple of times, the big numbers come out first.”

18:02Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

19:00Copy video clip URL A bunch of guys splash around in Lake Michigan wearing suits. (They’re there for a band photo shoot.)

19:30Copy video clip URL Here’s My Story. Pat Skafidas and Gene Klompus show off their collection of over 23,000 cufflinks in Wheeling. “This is a very eclectic collection. Here’s a pair that reflects an artist’s palette…Someone that’s into bowling would be very comfortable in this pair…Here’s a pair of dazzling cufflinks that would be suitable for male or female wear.” Klompus also characterizes a certain kind of collector: “There are many people who collect singles with the hope that one day, they’re going to find the mate. I expect they’re the romanticists among cuf flink collectors (laughs).”

21:03Copy video clip URL Future cosmetologists practicing on mannequin heads at the Ippolito School of Cosmetology.

21:33Copy video clip URL Judy Markey interviews Laverna Wilson about her unique hairdo and asks Emma Norman, Laverna’s mom, “What’s your favorite hairstyle on your little girl?” She answers, “It’s been so long since she had one I liked.”

23:09Copy video clip URL Skokie 60076. Pat Harrington shows off her hair, Anthony Harris shows off his hat, and Gladys Glazer tells why she takes public transportation. Host Joe Cummings takes the bus and meets Mrs.Gene Blitt and rides the #97 with Frank, the driver. In closing, Joe comments, “I’m Joe Cummings, a famous had been.”

25:57Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

26 :37 Credit Roll w/ Chef Gregory Wenger making dessert at Chicago Caterers.



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