Chicago Slices, episode 9308

Episode 9308 of the show featuring everyday Chicagoans.

1:14Copy video clip URL Ben Hollis negotiates a water fountain in Lincoln Park.

1:24Copy video clip URL Chicago Slices opening. ” This week cats, dogs, bigger cats, fish we feed, fish we eat, and some pretty interesting humans.” (Nate Herman)

2:04Copy video clip URL Donna Johnson: “Hi, my name is Ben Joravsky, a staff writer for the [Chicago] Reader, and today we’re going to meet Donna Johnson, one of my good friends, a very bright, witty person. She’s gonna take us on a tour of her neighborhood [the Prairie Avenue Historic District] with her cat [Rodney].” Donna, Ben, and Rodney stroll the streets, explore an abandoned house, and meet a neighbor who warns Donna about the dangers of walking a cat.

7:23Copy video clip URL Puppies in a pet store.

7:58Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

8:58Copy video clip URL Lion Keeper: Larry Pulice shows us around the big cat cages at the Brookfield Zoo and introduces us to some BIG animals, “Big cats have the same types of behaviors as your common house cat, that’s why we have scratching posts for them. They will run and play with each other just like a house cat would, but they are much larger than a house cat and you have to respect your difference to the cat.”

12:43Copy video clip URL Skokie 60076. Lee Hansen of the Emily Oaks Nature Center introduces Joe Cummings to some of the summer camp counselors and Joe asks them their favorite Skokie animal. Aaron Hostettler (racoon), Ella Burgurin (squirrel), Dale Laskey (domestic pet, dog), Joanne Szatkowski (frog). And Lee describes very special Skokie animals, children.

14:43Copy video clip URL Fish Tales. Julie Fischer talks to us from a tropical fish store her family ow ns near Clark and Webster. She’s asked, “What’s your favorite fish story?” and she replies, “I guess it would have to be about the lady who saved her goldfish with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation…It was dying and she took it out and breathed into its mouth and tried to revive it. I guess she did for a little while.”

16:20Copy video clip URL Fish Market: Ralph Mariquez shows how to sharpen a knife and make ceviche with King Fish from a fish house in Fulton Street Market. “This is the fish; I am the king.”

17:50Copy video clip URL Fish Lover: (anouncer) “When we last met Thomas Carvahlo, he was buying fish on Fulton street…” In the kitchen at the Hyatt Regency in Oakbrook, Chef Carvalho talks about how much he likes fish: “They are my life.”

19:12Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

20:13Copy video clip URL What The El? Host Judy Markey leads Lisa and Steve Rebman in a guessing game about the age, occupation, marital status and name of another rider on the Lake/Englewood Line. Steve guesses 29, student, single, and his name is Sean. Lisa guesses 26, lawyer, single, and his name is Michael. In reality, he’s 28, works with the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, he’s single, and his name is Michael Yates. Bingo!

21:35Copy video clip URL Ladybug (music: “Lucky Ladybug” Billy & Lilly)

21:57Copy video clip URL Johnny Lira: “Hi, I’m Johnny Lira, man about town… suave, debonair, and character extraordinaire.” Lira recounts his successful history as a boxer from amateur to World Champion and shares how he became involved in event promotion and management. Lira introduces one of the boxers he is managing, David Davis, who is hearing impaired. Footage from Lira’s heavyweight bout with Ernie Terrel in 1965.

25:57Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

26:57Copy video clip URL Credits w/ Instant Review Gordon Walek, TV Editor of the Daily Herald,  “We TV critics usually watch the first episode of a new series and praise it or dismiss it based on that. I’ve done a comprehensive review of Chicago Slices and have found that the show hit its stride at about episode six. the “What the El” segment has been tightened up considerably, the “Kennedy Women” got the hook, and the people who bought the show have had the good sense to give it time to develop.”



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