Chicago Slices, episode 9312

Episode 9312 of the show featuring everyday Chicagoans.

1:28Copy video clip URL Chicago Slices opening: “It’s not the news and it’s not gossip, but you do get to know some interesting people and their stories: Solid gold fingernails, slimy snails and bargain priced coffin nails. We start with a few stories about teachers, kids and schools.”

2:10Copy video clip URL Bill Ayers: Dr. Bill Ayers of the University of Illinois Chicago leads the Golden Apple Scholar program teaching new educators practical skills for the classroom. Chris Kaihatsu details a brief history of the Golden Apple Scholar program while Cecily Murray expresses the frustrations she experiences while student teaching. Bill offers this insight, “Most people who go into teaching are like this [idealistic], but they go into programs that wash that out of them, then they go into schools or structures that literally beat it out of them. These kids are idealists. They want to be teachers for all the right reasons and what we’re trying to do is nurture rather than kill it.”

4:56Copy video clip URL Skokie: Joe Cummings talks to teachers about the approaching school year. One is Laura Stamp, who admits to being nervous about getting up in front of a group of sixth graders for the first time. Seasoned veteran Phyllis Shugal offers her practical advice: “Use your gut feeling and don’t try a lot of new things all at once.”

6:30Copy video clip URL Bill Ayers: Offers his commentary about the problems facing the Chicago Public School system, “The Chicago Public Schools have had a bad reputation… Schools can make the difference in the lives of youngsters. My argument with Chicago Public Schools is if you can do it in one school with an ordinary group of kids, why can’t you do it in every school? The short answer is that it’s political. There’s no reason that we can’t have excellent schools for every kid in Chicago, except that we don’t have the political will.”

7:29Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

8:29Copy video clip URL Sister Murray: At St. Sylvester Parish at Humboldt and Palmer, Pastoral Associate and Youth Minister Sister Nancy Murray describes herself as being “a Jane of all trades.” Her famous brother, Bill Murray, has helped fund the “Viva El Teatro” performing arts program for teens at the parish which offers more than just potholder making activities to the local youth in the community. Sister Murray says she’s the only one in her family with a degree in theater. She explains that the family was always improvising sketches.

12:05Copy video clip URL Kids’ Eggment: A brother and sister decide to share their daily dose vitamins, which happens to consist of a protein rich egg supplement.

12:35Copy video clip URL Spelling Bee Champ: Lane Tech High School student and Cambodian immigrant Sophoan Khoeun is the 1993 Chicago Spelling Bee Champion. Sophoan recounts the word that won him his title (cuisine) and reveals what he thinks makes a good speller: “You have to be a good listener… and a very good guesser.”

14:34Copy video clip URL Fish Tales: At a fish house on Fulton and Halsted, a culinary arts teacher at one of the City Colleges of Chicago hand picks some blue crabs and admits that he learned how to cook from his grandmother.

15:38Copy video clip URL Shedd Aquarium: There’s more than fish at the Shedd Aquarium. Senior Aquarist Susan Kenney shows off her endangered snail exhibit. We are given a lens-eye-view of the Partula Hyalina in motion as Susan reminds us that, “Every animal, no matter how big it is or how small it is, is important and has the right to survive. Many are endangered because of some interference by humans. “

18:00Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

18:57Copy video clip URL Nails: In Gary, IN, fingernail artist Shareese Underwood often paints anything she happens to see on a nail and Tamara E. Harrison quips that when she’ s bored she does things that are beyond creativity.

19:45Copy video clip URL Hair Confidence: At a salon in Northfield, manicurist Michelle Childress explains what she finds interesting about well tailored nails, “Your jewelry looks nice, colors look better, it’ s sexy and attractive.” Patron Pam Spritz appears with her head wrapped in foil, to beautify herself for the weekend. Wendy Lutzon finds it difficult to perform normal tasks without her nails to help her.

21:16Copy video clip URL Gold Fingers: Shell Reyes, artist / owner of Reyes Galleria on Oak St. has created custom 14K Gold fingernails for such famous people as Della Reese, Shelly Winters, Josephine Baker, Brigitte Bardot, Cher, and singer Shirly Bassey and anyone else who can afford the $900 set.

23:10Copy video clip URL Borderline Cigarettes: In Hammond, IN, retailer Reva Victor of Nuco Discount sells cigarettes to Illinois residents across the state line. Why do they come? Because the taxes on cigarettes in Indiana are among the lowest in any of the surrounding states. Some customers explain why they make the trip to buy cigarettes in Indiana.

25:20Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

26:20Copy video clip URL “Join us next week on Chicago Slices and meet some people who play for the live of the game, like all time White Sox favorite Minnie Minoso “Baseball’s been very, very good to me”, the south suburban 14 years old softball whizzes, and the wizards of the wheelchair.”

26:43Copy video clip URL Credits: Joe Cummings visits a Skokie basketball court and gets various versions of how to pronounce “Chicago.”



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