Chicago Slices, episode 9315

Episode 9315 of the show featuring everyday Chicagoans.

0:06Copy video clip URL Cold Open: little boy asks, “Who watchin’ us on TV?”

0:15Copy video clip URL Chicago Slices opening: “Chicago Slices…people you might meet in real life. bot not usually on TV. Like the MacCarty Quadruplets from Lombard…or Garabed Damarjian who opens the bridges on the Chicago River…or the Lally brothers who climb walls on Lake Shore Drive, but first let’s go downtown for the World Premier of the Chicago Slices Mystery Tour.” (Nate Herman)

1:05Copy video clip URL Mystery Tour: At State and Madison, Claude Patterson throws a dart at a Chicago-area map. It lands at Central and Cleveland Road in Arlington Heights, so Correspondent Ben Hollis goes there and meets Schaumburg residents Laura, Phil, and baby Danny Levsky and follow them into their bank where they are refinancing. To their dismay, the bank messed up their appointment…and their day. Amilyn Sweeney throws the dart again to determine where the Mystery Tour will lead next week.

4:27Copy video clip URL Here’s My Story:The Quadruplets:  “I had a dream. A voice came to me and said I was gonna have four boys and I should name them Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and raise them in the Christian life…and that’s what happened,” Lombard resident Toni-Ann Meola reflects as she juggles two of her boys in her arms. Despite the 35 bottles of formula and 54 diapers that she and her husband, Lee McCarty, deal with every day, Toni-Ann remains optimistic, “No matter how cranky they are or how miserable or screaming or fussing, enjoy every minute of it, ’cause they’re only little for so long.”

7:04Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

8:04Copy video clip URL Pie-Eating Contest: From Long Grove, participating in a classic pie-eating contest, four men stick their faces in sloppy, gooky muck that was once apple pie. One over-anxious man is disqualified for using his hands and the hands of Mrs.Illinois to better shovel in the pie.

9:12Copy video clip URL Inspiration Cafe: During dinner at Inspiration Cafe on Wilson and Beacon, Acting director Rose Spinelli explains how a homeless person might be referred to them, while Elizabeth Evans tells us how the cafe can afford to serve dinner to 30 people for under $50 a night… Volunteer Lisa Rosenberg sums up the ideology of the cafe for homeless people, “No matter who you are, what you are, what you do, where you live, where you don’t live… everybody deserves some dignity.” One thankful client affirms the success of all the efforts, “My self-esteem was real low when I came here, now it’s so high, I gotta pull it down with a rope.”

12:00Copy video clip URL Katherine de Jersey: (announcer) “Now to the fifty-something floor of the Hancock Building where we meet one of Chicago’s best known astrologers.” Katherine de Jersey explains how astrology works and cautions Camcorder Correspondent Skip Blumberg about a shoot the next day that takes place 15 floors up the side of a building.

13:23Copy video clip URL Masons: At Lake Shore Drive and Waveland Ave., Skip Blumberg signs an indemnity agreement before embarking on a trip up the side of a building on a scaffold with masons Jim Doyle and Mike Lally. Despite Mike’s warning, “You’ll get scared,” Blumberg keeps his cool for a while then says, “I can go down at any time now.”

16:48Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

17:48Copy video clip URL What The El w/ Judy Markey: Lori Trowbridge takes the Howard-Dan Ryan Line and guesses that passenger Sean Kearns is 28, in banking, lives alone, has a girlfriend, and reads the Wall Street Journal. Actually, he’s a 23 yeard old banker who reads the Wall Street Journal and lives alone!

19:00Copy video clip URL Bridges: The men who make the Chicago River bridges go up and down tell why they like their jobs: People trying to catch their trains get upset at Edward Buckner, be he defends, “The city is built on top of the river…people don’t believe this, but the river traffic has the right of way. So no matter what, if they (boats) requested that we raise these bridges, we have to raise them.” Emphatically star-struck Garabed Damarjian recounts his encounters with celebrities: “God bless Mr. Harrison Ford” and “Right on Wabash Avenue, I had the fortune to be hugged by Dolly Parton.”

22:22Copy video clip URL Funny Firm: In a class at the comedy club, one of the only comedy schools in the country, instructor Tim Joyce perpares his students for their first performance. He admits that there is no formula to comedy so he encourages them “to talk honestly about their lives.” Our star-pupil, George Pollack, cannot understand what makes him funny, “I just talked and people always laughed at me.” Joyce attempts to pinpoint the answer, “Everything he says sounds like something Rodney Dangerfield or Henny Youngman would say and to top it off, George is…really pissed off at the world.”

24:21Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

25:21Copy video clip URL “Next week on Chicago Slices…more video adventure on the Mystery Tour…some horsing around with the trotters and we go to a club date with singer/guitarist Sally Station.”

25:37Copy video clip URL Credits: Sally Station sings “You’re no Good” in Spanish and English.



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