Chicago Slices, episode 9316

Episode 9316 of the show featuring everyday Chicagoans.

1:13Copy video clip URL Chicago Slices opening: “Chicago Slices, celebrating people like you or me. In 312, it’s singer/performer Sally Station, in 708, robot maker Steven Craine, and this week we go to to 815, to Helena Heffel’s farm where racehorses go for R&R.” (Nate Herman)

2:09Copy video clip URL Helena Heffel: Owner Helena Heffel gives a tour of her horse rehabilitation farm in Marengo. “We get a lot of horses from the racetrack, basically for rest or some type of rehabilitation.” Correspondent Joe Cummings gets to pet Pickles and horse around with Rosie after her treatment in the “Aqua-Cizer,” a 90-degree jacuzzi that aids in the limb therapy of race horses.

5:44Copy video clip URL Shoeman Joe:  a.k.a. Dynamite Joe shows his extensive selection of shoes which can be purchased for the bargain price of $1.00 at Swap-O-Rama in Alsip.

7:01Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

8:01Copy video clip URL Mystery Tour: At State and Madison, Sherwin Gerstein throws a dart that lands on Old McHenry Road in Lake Zurich. Correspondent Bill Hollis goes there to find Reverend Bruce Hoffman  at a Lutheran Church school and asks, “Why was I meant to meet you today?” Jean Columbus, a volunteer, takes a crack at the answer, “I don’t know why you came out, um, clean living? Lots of land?” Pam Beatty throws the dart to determine where next week’s Mystery Tour will be.

10:57Copy video clip URL Pigeon Man: In Daley Plaza, Vince Cesak, covered with pigeons, reveals the secret to feeding pigeons by hand, “Food, food, you need food… As long as you don’t touch them, they love it. [To the pigeons] No fighting!”

11:39Copy video clip URL Sally Station: “I don’t know why I became a musician, I wasn’t planning on it. I think I wanted to be an archeologist when I was a kid, ” begins singer/guitarist Sally Station at a club date at the Hot House. Originally from St. Charles, Sally retraces her career moves over ten years that took her around the world and back home to Chicago. She sings “Habit With You” and “The Right Stuff,” two of the many love songs in her repertoire written because, “I don’ t feel like writing until there’s something that’s buggin’ me and love bugs me more than anything else.” She defines success with “guitar and guitar strings… to be in love and to love… and that inspiration should never die.”

16:38Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

17:39Copy video clip URL Candace Howell: At Rosemont and Winthrop, Candace Howell gives a tour of the apartment building she manages and tells of the corruption and drug dealing that once existed in the lobby, apartments, and parking lot. Having fought to clean up the place, Howell had a hard time organizing people because “They see the big thing real fast. They say, ‘Oh my God, drugs, gangs, violence, NO! I’m just a person on social security. I work a part-time job, I’m a student. I can’t impact this’… [She answers] Yes, you can.”

20:57Copy video clip URL Here’s My Story: 32-year-old Chicago Ridge resident Steve Craine demonstrates “Eniarc,” the human-sized robot with a rubber face that he built. He confesses that the gripper still needs work because it used to crush people’s hands. Chris Cayari tells of how Eniarc once chased him and a friend into the kitchen.

22:42Copy video clip URL Compu-Erotica: Ron “Ronnie” and Nancy “Tiger” Pejril tell the tale of the love connection they made online that led to their marriage and subsequent takeover of Compu-Erotica, an adult-oriented chat room in which singles can meet and carry on in public and private areas of a computer screen. Ron elaborates about digital sex, which both he and Tiger have experienced, “People who become artists at that develop the skill of what’s called ‘one-handed typing.'”

25:01Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

26:00Copy video clip URL “Next week on Chicago Slices…the games we play, in the neighborhood, on the el train and at home with a new interactive TV gizmo. Gorden Walek, what did you think of this week’s show?”

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Gordon Walek, T.V. Critic of the Daily Herald: “There were two things about tonight’s show that I didn’t like. I wasn’t too interested in the R & R stable piece that led the show… The other thing was the video Mystery Tour for me it doesn’t work…although it was a clever idea… The good thing about the show and this is true of all the episodes of Chicago Slices is that the producers generally find people who aren’t ordinarily profiled on Chicago television… people like that, you’re not going to see on the evening news. Instead, during the sweeps period, we’re watching stories about dating in the ’90s and homicides from Kansas City. Who needs it?”



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