Chicago Slices, episode 9317

Episode 9317 of the show featuring everyday Chicagoans.

1:13Copy video clip URL Chicago Slices opening: “This week, the games we play…with the horses…and with the ball players…on the el train…and at home. First, here’s a place where they play thousands of games. It’s the Roosevelt High School gym where the 1993 varsity tryouts are being held. This is a slice about a guy who’s taught that it’s not whether you win or lose, it’ s how you play the game.” (Nate Herman)

2:00Copy video clip URL Basketball Tryouts: At Roosevelt High School at Wilson & Kimball, Coach Manny Weincord directs varsity basketball tryouts and reflects upon the beautiful changes he ‘s seen in the neighborhood over his 27 years at the school, “It was predominantly Jewish… now it’s a league of nations… You enjoy working with people from all over the world and you find there’s a great deal of similarities. A smile in America means the same as a smile in Cambodia or Afghanistan or anywhere throughout the world. My philosophy has always been if you want respect, you have to show respect, and a little humor.” Weincord prides himself on teaching honesty to his boys by not recruiting players. Alumnus Arnie Kamen sings the Roosevelt pep song.

5:33Copy video clip URL What The El: On the Midway Line, Correspondent Judy Markey leads inter-generational passengers Joe Merle(grandpa), Sally Davenport(mom) and Jane Davenport(daughter) in a guessing game about the name, age, favorite food, favorite music, marital and living status of fellow passenger Bill Harrell, a 69 year old widower who lives with his daughter, likes salad and enjoys listening to jazz. The guessers are a little bit right and a little bit wrong.

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8:33Copy video clip URL Mike Murphy: At “The Score” (WSCR-AM), on Belmont and Lavergne, sports fans’ radio host Mike Murphy says he’s happy in the studio on the phone, “I’ve never been in a locker room in my life. I’ve never had a press pass. Thank goodness. I don’t want to go in the locker room and look at a bunch of naked guys running around and ask ’em, ‘How do you feel?'” By speaking to callers on the air, he allows fans to become a part of the media instead of having to “shmooze” a guest to get the station in a team’s good graces.

10:58Copy video clip URL Interactive Network: In Highland Park, Rich Lippis, Charlie Piscitello, Mike and Kendra Novick gather during a football game for an Interactive Network party where the viewers play against each other and predict the outcomes of the plays through a remote device. Mike and Rich believe that this is the future of television while Kendra assures us that it is educational too, “You can’t be a couch potato all day… at least they’re using their brains instead of sitting on the couch just staring blankly at the TV.”

13:04Copy video clip URL My Slice: Baseball fan John Anderson catches Dave Winfield’s 2987th hit in the left feild at Comiskey Park. Escorted by “Luckey” after the game, John gets to meet the star player in person, get a ball signed and slip him a business card.

15:38Copy video clip URL Bicycle Safety: At the Elk Grove Township bicycle safety facility in Arlington Heights, director Ann Tartol teaches kids how to ride in the streets with traffic through the use of a simulated neighborhood that she and her staff built. “I think he’s going to stay on the sidewalk for a little while,” says one mom of her son, Lionel, who runs red lights and does not yet own a bike. “Thank goodness for that,” continues Lionel’s mom, “he’s not going to have one for quite a while.”

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18:06Copy video clip URL Mystery Tour: Last week in Lombard, Pam Beatty threw a dart that landed on Swift Road in Lombard. Correspondent Ben Hollis goes to a park there and finds residents Danny Hritz and Chris Molsher playing ball. Neither boy is familiar with space alien abduction, but Hollis discovers that given the oppurtunity, Danny would consider going. At the tail end of a relay that Hollis organizes, Scott Smith throws a dart to determine where the next Mystery Tour will be…in Lake Michigan.

20:11Copy video clip URL Performance Intro: “Buenos Noches, it’s me, resident showgirl for Chicago Slices, Brigid Murphy, and I am here tonight at the Mexican Rodeo…The rodeo isn’t really going on, but I’m here and we’re with some ropers and it’s really exciting.”

20:25Copy video clip URL Ropers: Three Mexican-American rodeo ropers circle, swirl, twirl, tangle and rangle in a halo of hemp at 26th and California Ave.

21:18Copy video clip URL At the Racetrack:  At Maywood Park, horse trainer Dave McCaffrey teaches Correspondent Joe Cummings how to feed a stemless apple to racehorse Virgil. While infamous trainer Jim Blades gives Joe a tip, Dave explains that a trainer’s main responsibility is to the horse owners, “My job is to keep them [the horses] healthy…I am kind of the communicator between the horses and the owners.” At the track, owner Bud Marshal wrongly predicts that his horse will finish in the top three before it really finishes in sixth place. Bettor Allen Goldzweig demonstrates how to throw $180 away, but remain optimistic, “Now you gotta make it up on this race.” As the races come to an end, Joe dwells on the fact that he picked the right horse, but did not place a bet.

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26:12Copy video clip URL Credits: Montage of segments from Chicago Slices.



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