[Chicago Slices Labor Day Special]

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0:00 Bars and Tone.

0:44 Chicago Slices slate.

1:02 Studs Terkel says Chicago is a city of hands, which is slang for working people.

1:12 Program intro and titles. The program is about working people.

2:00 63rd and Harlem. Bottled water factory. We will follow delivery man Jim Nitka. He shows us the fleet of trucks and loads up his own. He then tells us he has been doing his job for three years and talks about his job. The bottles weigh 50 pounds. He takes us to the offices where he makes deliveries. He tells us he has a degree from Morton College. He also says he spends the majority of his day in elevators or waiting for them.

5:39 Gary IN. Ms. Franklin is an elevator operator. She says that one has to like people to do her job. Garner Bank Building. She says that because of the faulty elevator signal people yell at her, and she is very frustrated by this.

6:54 Same footage of Studs. He says it was the hands that built Chicago. He is at an event where they are honoring Eddie Sadlowski, who pioneered labor rights. He works in District 3. He gives a speech about how working for the people is the greatest vocation in life. Terkel says that labor has taken a beating from Reagan and Bush. He says that young people today need to know about the struggles that their predecessors endured to get them where they are.

9:27 Jim Hensel of the Chicago Board of Trade shows us the trading floor. He shows us his lucky dredel and the other contents of his pockets. Skip Blumberg interviews him about his attire.

12:52 The

2:35 Metra train to Northbrook. Hensel explains how this quiet time is what gets him through the day. Footage of him with his young kids.

14:11 75th and Jeffrey. Percy Fair. Fair shows us the flavored ices that he sells outside.

15:22 Jefferson and Roosevelt Rd. UPS factory. Angel Correa is a UPS delivery man.

15:32 Suzanne Robinson. She is a regular customer of Correa’s. He talks about his relationships with customers. Correa takes us to the place where he loads up his truck with packages.

17:54 Program break.

18:16 Then and now. Old footage and new footage of the same places, like

O’Hare Airport and Wrigley Field.

19:02 Cathy Rumsey. Co-pilot for United Airlines. She explains that the captain and co-pilot switch off flying during the trips, but that the captain is in charge. Rumsey feels there is no sexism among her co-workers, despite the fact that women are relatively new to her field, but that she does experience sexism from customers. DuPage County Airport. Rumsey shows us the plane she learned to fly on. She flies us around in it.

21:02 This family reunion concert on July 24th, 1993, was Chicagoan Oscar Brown, Jr.s homecoming from the West Coast. He appeared with his wife Jean Pace, daughters Maggie Brown and Africa Pace Brown, son Oscar Brown III (Bobo) and Calvin Johnson at Spices Jazz Bar. Jean Pace comments on her cultural identity, “We understand where we come from and why we’re in the position we are in now. We came from the strongest dudes and women that survived on that ship. That’s where we came from. the ones that lived across that ocean and they’re our ancestors and we’re strong. That’s where the Michael Jordans, the O.J. Simpsons, the Arthur Ashes, Althea Gibson… we came from the strongest people and they want to keep us down, but they can’t.” Brown adds, “If they try and put black people down and keep them down perpetually it will exhaust white people forever… it would be much easier to join forces and cut out the crap.”

23:58 End credits.

24:28 End of tape.



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