[Chicago Slices raw: 16 Inch Softball #2 – Just Lunch Dating Service]

Raw footage for "Chicago Slices," a series about everyday life in Chicago. This video is continuing footage of the 16 inch softball team "The Rabbits," which is managed by Wally Pecks. This is game two of a double header, which is shown briefly. It is followed by footage of Cindy, a CPA, who is going on a blind date with Joey, in a service provided by a company called "Just Lunch." We join them on their date and see them interact and get to know each other as they dine at Tucci Milan.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage of game two of the double header game for The Rabbits.

02:25Copy video clip URL Jack du Puma talks a bit as he coaches the batters, saying, “I got underwear older than this guy filming.” He claims to be “too old” to be doing this still, and says that he’s played for a couple of decades. A controversial play ensues at second base which creates an uproar of activity. Coach Jim Kelly comes over to the camera, claiming that this is the worst ump he’s ever seen.

06:22Copy video clip URL Sawyer asks the umpire, “There’s someone always mad at you. How do you do it?” He replies, “You do your best, and if it’s not good enough for them, that’s their problem.”

08:50Copy video clip URL Bucky says, “I’m getting too old for this,” saying that he’s 34. Jack jokes that he’s lucky to be playing at all.

10:00Copy video clip URL Wally and Jim commiserate about the game, but Wally remains optimistic. He talks about the season starting in February, and outlines some of the tournaments that highlight the season. He talks about the camaraderie that everyone shares and how they cultivate it by going to Frankie’s on Algonquin Road. He talks about the umpire, saying that he’s good overall, but has made a couple poor calls tonight. Kelly jumps in with disagreement, saying that he doesn’t have a clue and that this can make a difference in the game.

15:19Copy video clip URL Wally and Jim give their verbal consent for the entire team to air on TV. Wally requests that they don’t use Dan Flood’s image because he’s crude and he’s not an accurate reflection of the team.

16:34Copy video clip URL Cut to walking down the street with Cindy, who is asked by videomaker Doug Sawyer to explain what she’s doing. She says that she’s going on a date through “Just Lunch” and says that she’s enjoyed doing this for the last several weeks. She says that she knows a few things about this guy, named Joey, who she’s going to meet. She talks about how it’s set up through Andrea and Margaret at “Just Lunch,” and it’s not exactly like a full date, but just a way to get a sense of who someone is without the pressure.

21:18Copy video clip URL Cut to inside a cab, where Cindy applies lipstick and says she’s ready. They arrive at Tucci Milan, and Joey is sitting at the bar waiting for her. They introduce themselves, and then engage in some small talk. He explains that he works for a family owned trucking business, and this is a good way to meet people while working long days.

26:21Copy video clip URL They go to their table for lunch. Joey speaks directly to the camera, telling his first impressions of her. He says this is the sixth time he’s done this. He talks about his home building hobby and explains that he’s living at home with his parents. She tells him about her work as an accountant, saying that she grew up in DeKalb and went to Northern Illinois University. Joey says that he went to Loyola University Chicago, and asks her to guess his major. He says that he was a pre-med biology major.

33:45Copy video clip URL Joey confesses that he doesn’t have it in him to go dutch on the meal, so he insists on paying. They look over the menu and talk about food in general. He guesses correctly that she lives in Lincoln Park, and they talk about the woes of parking and living in the city.

39:44Copy video clip URL He talks about growing up near Wrigley Field, but makes it clear that he is not a Cubs fan. He tells about how he got to be bat boy for his friend at Wrigley Field. They go on to talk about how this program has been a good experience. The waitress comes and they order their meals.

44:04Copy video clip URL She asks him what he does for fun. He says he’s pretty quiet, likes to stay home, watch sports, and bike. He asks her how many lunch dates she has done. She responds that she has done this six times, as well. They talk about how the girls match people up, and Joey says that they should have a guy working at the organization as well. He talks about a time when a girl didn’t show up for a date. The picture gets a little rough as Joey talks about how each girl he’s met has been different but things have gone well.

49:20Copy video clip URL She talks about the time she met Harry Caray and didn’t believe his name was really Harry Caray, even though she had no idea who he was, either. She talks about her family. He says he’s got only one brother, that he’s the “black sheep” of the family, and that he’s hoping to find a wife by doing this. She laughs and tells him he’s putting too much pressure on himself. She goes on to talk about her attempt to fly to Paris in the coming week, noting travel as a benefit of her lifestyle. They talk about travel to Europe and the United States. She says that her best trip in this country was a hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

55:41Copy video clip URL Cut to food station, where the cooks send food out to runners who deliver food to the tables. The waitress brings the food out to their table. Joey studies her food closely and comments on it. He says that as far as cooking goes, he can only boil water, and that his mom cooked, so he had no reason to learn. The picture gets shaky and sound goes out.

They discuss the types of food that they like to eat as they have lunch. Cindy talks about the traveling she’s done for work, how they got connected to this service, and Las Vegas.

Videomaker Doug Sawyer sits down with Margaret Hunkler and Andrea McGinty, the founders of “Just Lunch.” McGinty explains that they discovered that this is a much needed service because people are working so much and don’t have a good venue to meet other people. Hunkler explains how the process works for the service they provide, and then they talk more about Cindy and Joey and why they paired the two of them up. They also talk about their business and what they feel about the future of the industry.

Joey says that he was impressed with Cindy and that he would go out with her again. He calls her an “educated and in tune woman” which he says he liked. She comes back and he gives her his business card, and they leave the table, walk outside, and part ways. She says she had a wonderful time that he was really nice, professional and fun. She then talks about how she follows up with Hunkler and McGinty.

Back in a cab, Cindy explains that Joey didn’t fit her typical profile, and that she doesn’t have the same expectation to find a life partner through this service. In that respect, this has exceeded her expectations because she’s meeting people and having a good time. Picture and sound get shaky and go out.

End of tape.



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