[Chicago Slices raw : Long Grove Apple Festival]

Raw footage for the TV program Chicago Slices. This tape features footage of the Apple Festival in Long Grove, IL, including the parade, hat decorating contest, and apple pie eating contest.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage of a rural residential area shot from a moving car.

01:40Copy video clip URL Police direct traffic before the Long Grove, Illinois Apple Parade begins.

02:20Copy video clip URL People mill about before the parade. A man advertises his Italian ice. A woman talks about how many parades she’s watched over the years from her porch.

04:05Copy video clip URL The Adlai E. Stevenson High School Marching Band waits for the parade to start. The band director talks about practicing and presenting at halftime shows.

05:30Copy video clip URL Shot of the Long Grove Fire Dept. fire truck that will be starting the parade.

06:35Copy video clip URL The parade begins. We see the fire truck, the marching band, and some flag twirlers. People watch from their porches, sidewalks, and even from roofs.

09:45Copy video clip URL Horses pull carriages full of people.

10:20Copy video clip URL A group of dancers called Honey Dew Mountain Cloggers.

15:00Copy video clip URL A Mercedes convertible carries a young pageant winner, Little Miss Long Grove, while the driver throws candy to the surrounding crowd of children.

20:00Copy video clip URL Dogs from an obedience program being walked in the parade.

21:50Copy video clip URL Bagpipe players and drummers march in the parade.

22:45Copy video clip URL Mrs. Illinois rides in a convertible, wearing a tiara. She talks about balancing family and a career. She talks about the upcoming Mrs. America pageant.

23:50Copy video clip URL The Miss Lake County Fair Queen rides in a convertible driven by her mother, and talks about her career plans and involvement in pageants.

25:40Copy video clip URL A group of Long Grove Montessori people in paper hats march in the parade.

27:05Copy video clip URL A man dressed as Santa wears a green suit instead of red, with a sign that says “I’ll be ripe by Christmas.”

27:40Copy video clip URL A group of scooter riders wearing fez hats.

28:10Copy video clip URL A series of old vintage cars in the parade.

29:30Copy video clip URL The Long Grove Fire Department participates in the Apple Parade.

31:10Copy video clip URL The parade being wrapped up by the announcer.

31:44Copy video clip URL More marching band content. Then we return to some of the other aforementioned acts.

40:45Copy video clip URL The Honey Dew Mountain Cloggers win first place for Best of Parade 1993.

41:50Copy video clip URL “Welcome to Long Grove, the town that time forgot!” says a man with a waxed mustache and top hat. He and an older woman talk about the benefits of living in Long Grove.

46:20Copy video clip URL The bagpipers play “La Cucaracha.”

47:45Copy video clip URL Mrs. Illinois judges the hat decorating contest.

58:45Copy video clip URL The apple pie eating contest begins. The contestants wear bibs and cannot use their hands until the last thirty seconds. A man named Kevin Macon wins the contest and is presented with a gift certificate.

01:02:41Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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