[Chicago Slices raw : city reacts to Michael Jordan’s retirement]

Raw footage shot for the TV program Chicago Slices. Ben Hollis interviews kids playing basketball about the retirement of Michael Jordan.

00:00Copy video clip URL On a basketball court, Ben Hollis interviews a boy named Cortez Sabbs about Michael Jordan’s retirement. He thinks Jordon deserves to take some time off, but that he is an important basketball figure for Chicago and for him personally.

01:57Copy video clip URL Hollis talks to another boy named Jelani about Michael Jordon. He says the retirement was expected, yet still saddening. He thinks there is a chance that Jordon might come back from retirement.

03:30Copy video clip URL Dennis Henry, another of the boys, talks about hearing the news of Jordon’s father’s death and his subsequent retirement. He doesn’t want Jordon to retire, because he keeps Chicago’s spirits up and also acts as a personal role model for Dennis.

05:20Copy video clip URL Hollis interviews a few more boys about Michael Jordon’s retirement. They have similar things to say about their reactions to the news.

08:30Copy video clip URL The kids practice their lay-ups on the court.

09:09Copy video clip URL More boys tell their opinions on Jordon’s retirement.

14:47Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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