[Chicago Slices raw : Ben Hollis at State of Illinois building]

Raw footage shot for the TV series Chicago Slices. In this tape, host Ben Hollis interviews people at the State of Illinois building (now called the James R. Thompson Center).

00:00Copy video clip URL The set for the interview for Chicago Slices at the State of Illinois building is set up and cleaned.

02:30Copy video clip URL Ben Hollis sits down with a man named Mike, who works as a bicycle courier. He talks about the nature of his job, and about his family that he lives with near Midway.

07:03Copy video clip URL Another interview starts. This time, it is with a woman named Donna. She works downtown recording documents, mortgages, and releases. She lives with two daughters, ages 17 and 13. She talks about the difficulty of being a single parent. They talk about her teenage daughter’s recent dating experience.

13:28Copy video clip URL Ben interviews a man named Andre, who has just filed a complaint against Marriott about a recent layoff. He goes into the specifics of the circumstances leading up to his terminated employment. Now he works in a steel processing plant.  Andre lives alone and really enjoys it.

19:19Copy video clip URL Ben speaks with Karen, a woman who works at a bank in Bridgeport. She also lives in that area, with her parents. She talks about her plans for the rest of the day, and about her potential future within the company. She also talks about her boyfriend, and the possibility of getting married and starting a family.

24:40Copy video clip URL Amy, who works across the street as a bank teller, sits down to talk to Ben. She talks about her interest in James Dean, since she’s currently reading a biography about him. She says she does cross stitching and crocheting.

32:05Copy video clip URL Ben interviews Rosario for Slice of Life. He is dating the previous interviewee, Karen. He talks about going through the process of getting a new car, and about the possibility of marriage. Like Karen, Rosario also lives with his parents rent-free.

37:00Copy video clip URL Another interview begins. Ben sits down with a man named Eon. He talks about his choice of name. He is downtown retrieving his mail, and Ben asks him to open an invitation to a Halloween Fairy Circle, a gathering of gay men. He says he does a lot of puppet shows at fairy gatherings. The fairy network, according to Eon, has thousands of members. He talks about fairies being in touch with a certain kind of magic. He is also an anarchist.

46:30Copy video clip URL Ben briefly talks to a homeless man on the other side of the glass divider. The man is selling newspapers to passersby.

48:15Copy video clip URL Driving out of the parking garage at the State of Illinois building.

51:15Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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