[Chicago Slices raw : Ben Joravsky interviews Candace Howell]

Raw footage for the TV program Chicago Slices. In this video, journalist Ben Joravsky interviews Candace Howell at her building in Edgewater, a followup to his 1992 feature on Howell's success reducing crime in her building.

00:00Copy video clip URL Children with cheetah face paint growl at the camera.

02:00Copy video clip URL A closeup of a newspaper clipping from the Chicago Reader: “Getting the Thugs Out: in Edgewater, a Building Manager Fights Back” by Ben Joravsky from July 23, 1992. It features a photo of Candace Howell.

03:30Copy video clip URL Candace Howell talks about the building she has lived in and now manages, called the Rosemont, at 1061 W. Rosemont in Edgewater. Other generations of her family had lived in the building as well. She talks about her work in the block club, and the Edgewater Community Council (ECC) as well. She says that her response to gangs and violence was housing, and getting the building owners and managers involved in the issues.

10:50Copy video clip URL Candace takes us in the elevator up three floors to show a small studio apartment. She talks about past problems with drug dealing and prostitution in the building, and how she and other people have gone about resolving these conflicts. Then she talks about some qualities of her ideal tenants. This room rents for $325/month, including utilities.

25:15Copy video clip URL Candace leads the way to a lower floor to show a different apartment. This time, it is a small one bedroom. She talks about allowing police officers to use corner apartments like these to keep an eye on the block below. Candace talks about how she visits other block clubs now, giving them advice and helping them with their own neighborhoods. Then she talks more about approaches to crime prevention.

41:45Copy video clip URL Candace takes us down the hallway to see some of the rehabilitation of the units and also to show the unit that she used to live in herself. She talks about her children and her grandchildren and the way they impact her motivation to better the neighborhood. Then she goes out to the front corner to talk more about loitering and other issues.

55:15Copy video clip URL Candace introduces us to the building, the Rosemont, and talks a bit about the rehabilitation and rejuvenation of the space.

57:33Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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