[Chicago Slices raw : Brigid Murphy at Mexican rodeo]

Raw footage for Chicago Slices. Brigid Murphy with Mexican Rodeo at 26th / California.

00:00Copy video clip URL Two men in sombreros practice their lasso tricks at the Mexican rodeo, spinning and jumping through hoops in unison. Then, a woman shows her lasso skills as well.

08:41Copy video clip URL Brigid Murphy introduces the lasso tricks. The men spin their lassos around the woman while she kneels on the ground.

12:30Copy video clip URL The three of them perform a jump rope trick while lassoing.

14:00Copy video clip URL Brigid Murphy again introduces the Mexican rodeo.

15:20Copy video clip URL Brigid interviews the female of the group, and asks about different rope twirling terminology.

17:40Copy video clip URL She then interviews the two men, who are twins.

25:53Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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