[Chicago Slices raw: Brookfield Zoo #1]

BROOKFIELD ZOO: Interview with cat house Keeper LARRY PULICE in cat exhibit, while retrieving feces, and behind-the-scenes with the big cat (i.e. leopards, tigers, lions,...) cages.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage of two school photos of Pat Walsh and Jane Froehlig.

01:52Copy video clip URL Footage of a group still photo.

01:58Copy video clip URL Back to footage of two school photos of Pat Walsh and Jane Froehlig.

02:08Copy video clip URL Series of shots of various personal still photos: wedding, family photos, scrapbook photos of Pat and Jane.

12:17Copy video clip URL Change of location. Exterior Brookfield Zoo. Videographer records the location and shooting date: Friday July 2. He heads for an interview with zoo keeper Larry Pulice.

12:51Copy video clip URL Interview with Pulice, senior zoo keeper working with the big cats. Interview questions: How do you like the big cats? Are the big cats one of the best jobs at the zoo?

14:13Copy video clip URL They enter a corridor leading to the lion yard. Interview questions: Would you rather work with animals or with people? Is educating people a big part of the job? How do you get the animals out of the yard?

15:31Copy video clip URL Larry and videographer enter the lion yard where Larry cleans up lion waste. (Lions are not present.) Larry gives a tour of the exhibit space and talks about the other animals in the exhibit. Interview question: In 24 years how many animals have gotten out?

17:20Copy video clip URL Larry cleans up the yard. Question: Would this be a good place to live if you were a cat? Larry talks about the job of a zoo keeper, about the behavioral enrichment program the zoo has for its animals, and how zoo keepers stimulate the quality of life for the cats.

19:40Copy video clip URL Larry shows the door behind which is the lion. He mentions that despite captivity the lions still have killer instincts, but some behavior has been lost. Interview questions: When you were young did you want to work with animals? Do you have the premiere job at the zoo?

21:52Copy video clip URL B-roll, close up of lion tracks in mud.

22:05Copy video clip URL B-roll, Larry cleans up the yard, cleans glass window.

22:51Copy video clip URL Videographer follows Larry down a passage way leading to where the animals are kept when not on exhibit. They look at a snow leopard, talk about the leopards being put together for breeding. Interview question: Do they like each other?

25:18Copy video clip URL Larry shows photo of how the big cat exhibit looked in the 1930s, mentions how it’s been renovated, and how the lion house evolved over the years. Larry mentions that the animals rotate on exhibit. Larry takes videographer on tour of the lion house and all the animals in cages: jaguar, snow leopard, etc. Interview questions: Have you ever touched the big cats? How much do the big cats cost? Where do you get these cats?

29:13Copy video clip URL Larry in kitchen area showing the food the cats eat and how it’s prepared. He explains the meat is horse.

30:57Copy video clip URL B-roll of kitchen area, feeding charts.

31:36Copy video clip URL B-roll of small animals in cage.

31:50Copy video clip URL Larry shows videographer a Siberian tiger. Questions: Is he the star of the cat house? Do you have any cats you particularly like to work with?

33:30Copy video clip URL B-roll of the tiger playing with a giant ball.

34:54Copy video clip URL Larry shows videographer the tiger’s mate and her two cubs. He talks about the family dynamics of tigers. Questions: Do animals appreciate time away from crowds? Are the cats one of the most popular exhibits?

38:25Copy video clip URL Larry shows videographer a snow leopard. Questions: How do cats travel from zoo to zoo? Larry talks about the snow leopard.

39:30Copy video clip URL Larry and videographer travel a corridor to back area. Question: Do you have to stay on your toes (all the time)?

40:26Copy video clip URL Larry introduces videographer to “Baby,” the zoo’s oldest lioness. Larry talks about safety at the zoo.

42:23Copy video clip URL Larry takes videographer through the routine of getting animals from the lion house cage to the exhibit outdoors. Larry checks cage to make sure the lioness ate her food. He talks about how the cats are shifted from cage to cage to transport them around the zoo. Question: What if two cats get into the same cage? Larry shows videographer how two animals are introduced to one another.

47:26Copy video clip URL Camera stops recording.

47:27Copy video clip URL Camera continues recording. Larry is outside in the zoo interacting with guests. Question: Do you like your job? They re-enter the house to release the jaguar. Question: have all keepers been here as long as you?

49:19Copy video clip URL Larry presents the zoo’s oldest tiger. He takes videographer through the process of letting the jaguar out into the yard.

50:10Copy video clip URL How many people work with the big cats? Do the cats know you?

50:50Copy video clip URL Larry releases the jaguar into the yard.

51:43Copy video clip URL Larry heads to tiger cage to let the tigers out. He explains the process.

52:20Copy video clip URL Larry proceeds to let the tigers out into the yard. Shots of tigers together.

52:58Copy video clip URL Larry starts opening doors to the yard and demonstrates the procedure for bringing in a big cat from the exhibit for feeding. He opens a series of doors, the cat enters.

54:09Copy video clip URL Two tigers cuddle.

58:08Copy video clip URL END TAPE.


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  1. Larry Pulice says:

    glad to see it still exists…brings back a lot of memories

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